NEW IN : KOCOSTAR - Der Korean Cosmetic Star

Beauty products from Korea, called K-Beauty for short, have spread internationally since a long time and have also arrived with us. Beauty and flawlessly cared for skin are particularly important in Korea.

KOCOSTAR is the epitome of K-Beauty and combines high-quality, deeply effective care with natural ingredients and makes skin care rituals into very personal spa moments in everyday life.

These products not only ensure beautiful skin, they are also absolutely chic and are very fun to use due to the very imaginative and elaborate design and packaging. This is also very easy and ensures a lasting effect from head to toe.

Following the "skin first" principle, we let the skin take the lead here and discover the joy of Korean facial care for us. Slice Mask, Sheet Mask or Moisture Mask - there is an individual mask selection for the different needs.

KOCOSTAR Moisture Mask-Series

The Moisture Mask series provides moisture from head to toe. The masks are worn as socks, hoods or gloves.

Foot Moisture Pack : My personal favorite KOCOSTAR product is the Foot Moisture Pack. The application is very simple, you can put on the stockings and relax or even walk around with them during the application time. Contained shea butter increases the elasticity of the skin on the feet and protects them from dryness for a long time.

Kocostar Foot Moisture Pack

Home Salon Hair Pack : the exquisite ingredients such as liquorice and shea butter ensure a healthy scalp and prevent dandruff. The contained argan oil gives the hair shine and suppleness and makes it particularly easy to comb.

Kocostar Home Salon Hair Pack

Hand Moisture Pack : The Hand Moisture Pack is particularly rich in vitamins and minerals. Papaya, mango and coconut moisturize and soothe the skin. The hand mask also protects against UV rays and dryness.

Kocostar Hand Moisture Pack

KOCOSTAR Princess Eye Patch

You can be proud with that! The eye pads shine in gold and let the face shine already during the application - for the ultimate princess feeling.

The golden hydrogel eye pads not only look royal, but also provide the skin with moisture and nourishing nutrients. The stressed skin around the eyes is additionally soothed with chamomile extract.

KOCOSTAR Sheet Mask-Series

KOCOSTAR's richly soaked and pre-cut face masks, tailored to the face, offer a mini beauty treatment for the home and ensure radiant skin. Perfect for in between, when travelling or just relaxing. With two different sheet masks, KOCOSTAR offers regeneration and freshness for every skin type.

The main ingredient of the Happy Mask is seed oil from Japanese red camellia. This oil has a particularly calming and healing effect and regulates the natural oil film of the skin.

The Bird's Nest Silk Fiber Mask contains eucalyptus tree extract. Moisture and a refined skin appearance are the result. Due to the antiseptic properties of the eucalyptus tree extract, the mask counteracts impurities.

Kocostar Happy Mask / Kocostar Bird's News Silk Fiber Mask

KOCOSTAR Slice Mask-Series

The Slice masks are really the most extraordinary KOCOSTAR products.

Depending on whether you choose the Vegetable Slice Masks or the Flower Masks, this individual mask experience involves placing small pineapple, cucumber or melon slices, tulip, rose or sunflower leaves on the skin areas to be cared for.

These masks are a real eye-catcher and also provide moisture!

Kocostar Slice Mask Sheet
Kocostar Rose Mask Sheet

KOCOSTAR Foot Peeling Pack

New is the Foot Peeling Pack. The application is comparable to the Foot Moisture Pack. You can put on your stockings and let them work for 90 minutes. In addition, high-quality ingredients soften and dissolve excess and dry skin. The cornea disappears. The plant extracts, which have a calming and relaxing effect, provide the spa feeling.

Our opinion

In our team, KOCOSTAR has already become one of our favourite brands! Whether for your own use or as a gift for your loved ones, here you can get a bit of wellness for your home with little effort.

Mimi L.

3. Juli 2019