Absorption means sucking or absorbing substances. When using a dry shampoo, the process of absorption is used. Chemically, absorption is an uptake or release of an atom, molecule, or ion into the free volume. There is no chemical reaction, there is only a very specific solubility of the substances together.

Frau mit langen, braunen Haaren und leicht fettiger Kopfhaut

Absorption in dry shampoos

Have you always wondered how dry shampoos work? Very easily! Fat and sebum are absorbed by the dry shampoo. The use of a dry shampoo is by no means unhygienic. The scalp and hair are actually cleaned by the process of absorption. In the old days, there was only the good old terrycloth, and for dark-haired people it was rather difficult to use dry shampoos because they left an ugly white veil on the hairline that looked like grey hair or dandruff on dark hair. This is over once and for all. The new dry shampoos are so well developed that they not only cleanse the hair by absorbing fat and sebum, but also care for it at the same time and give off a pleasant scent. Above all, when things need to go fast and there is no time for shampooing, cleaning with a dry shampoo is perfect. Especially with long hair, the use of dry shampoos has proven. In order not to stress the hair unnecessarily, long hair should only be washed every 2-3 days. Depending on the formation of sebum, the root sometimes looks greasy already after one day. The dry shampoo is then applied only at the base, gently rubbed in and carefully combed out. Absorbing cleanses the scalp and removes sebum and fat. The hair feels freshly washed and smells great. The formulations of the new dry shampoos are now so good that an application even with dark hair leaves no unpleasant white residue. A permanent use is by no means harmful, but the hair should be cleaned in between times again with water and shampoo.

Incidentally, the ancient Bedouins used the siliceous sand of the desert to cleanse their hair and scalp. Silicate has an absorbing effect and dirt, sebum and fat have been removed in a natural way.

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