Curly hair

The dream of many women: a curly, voluminous mane full of resilience and elasticity. Curly and wavy hair act dynamically and bursting with energy. But also curly hair have their dark side and want the right treatment and care.

Curly and wavy hair is inherently drier and more brittle than straight hair. This is due to the naturally roughened structure of the dandruff layer of the hair, because this is what causes the curls in the first place. To tame your curls, you should pay attention to the proper care. Specially designed for curly hair hair care products contain extra moisture and provide suppleness and shine. The right care starts with the special shampoo. A gentle shampoo should clean your hair, so as not to strain the already porous structure of hair unnecessarily. When hair is wet is particularly sensitive and does not react good with rough rubbing or pulling it with the comb. Handle your hair extremely gently when wet and damp. With curly hair, you should not give up the use of a conditioner. This injects caring substances into hair and seals it afterwards. A leave-in conditioner also lends itself to curly hair, this product remains in hair and ensures optimum combability. This way the curls can be better defined and shaped later. The right hairbrush also makes it easier to gently unravel curly hair. Especially the Tangle Teezer has proven itself for curly and unruly hair.

Frau mit langen lockigen, blond gesträhnten Haaren

Once a week you should treat your hair with a rich hair mask, which cares for your hair from the inside out and builds it up again. Natural products with moisturizing aloe vera, rich jojoba or argan oil and shea butter optimally care for curly hair. An "over care" of curly hair is almost impossible. Curly hair is always hungry for care and nutrients.

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Styling products especially for curly hair provide volume, elasticity and bounce of curls. These provide support and shape of the hairstyle and give an extra dose of shine. Hair oil also makes curly hair supple and gives luminous reflexes.

Strong curly hair can simply be air-dried and plucked in the dry state. You can make nice defined curls with hot curlers or curling irons. For wavy hair, the blow-dry with the diffuser offers a great volume. Moisturizers ensure that the desired hairstyle stays in shape throughout the day and does not collapse after a short time.

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