Damaged hair

Your hair is dry, brittle, dull, shineless and without elasticity? Frequent dyeing, washing, blow-drying, the use of styling tools plus environmental influences such as heat, cold, dry heating air or pollutants can severely damage your. Our hair structure mainly consists of the protein keratin. Especially by frequent hair coloring and heat the keratin is gradually reduced. The hair loses its elasticity and vitality, it dries out from the inside out. The result of damaged hair is split ends and in the worst case hair breakage.

Frau mit blonden, zerzausten, geschädigten Haaren

Your hair now needs special care. Here are some tips on how to rebuild your damaged hair:


  • Choose a restructuring care series that supplies the hair with the necessary nutrients and rebuilds the hair structure from the inside out.

  • Wash your hair only every 2-3 days, so that in the meantime the normal sebum production of the scalp can be restored.
  • Be sure to use a conditioner and once a week a rich hair mask which will repair and rebuild the hair.

  • Do not scrub your hair roughly with the towel after washing. Press the towel gently so that it absorbs water.

  • Let your hair air dry. The heat is not good for damaged hair, it could bring an more damage. If you can not avoid styling your hair with a hair dryer, straightener or curling iron you should always use a heat protection product.

  • Let your hair cut regularly. The hairdresser can use the so-called split-cut to remove affected areas, thereby preventing the hair from splitting and breaking.

  • Do not use bleaching or hair color. They penetrate deep into the hair structure and take the hair pigments out. The hair structure then resembles a sponge and is very vulnerable to external influences. Rather use a direct hair color. This covers only the outer cuticle layer and provides shine and protection.

  • Do not bind your hair with sharp-edged hair ties and do not over-tighten the braid so as not to stress the damaged hair.

  • Provide your hair regularly with hair care products which will regenerate your hair giving the necessary nutrients and ingredients to build up your hair again.
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