Dry Hair

Your hair is totally strained and seems strawy and unruly? The shine is missing and the hairstyle does not look good? Since we always want to travel perfectly styled through the world, our hair is often exposed to great stress. Without proper care, dry hair can quickly become brittle. Split ends and hair breakage are the worst effects of dry hair. But how can you treat dry hair and avoid dehydration?

Causes of dry hair

Common causes of dry hair are extreme styling, colorations, environmental influences such as heat, sun or cold, one-sided nutrition, stress, too little hydration or a hereditary, dry scalp that produces too little sebum. Especially stress often affects the skin and hair. The skin - and thus the scalp - is dry, maybe even flaky, brittle and dull. Of course, stress can not be completely ruled out in our world. However, you should always provide sufficient balance to everyday life. Treat yourself to a walk on the fresh air on a regular basis or try out yoga or other relaxation techniques. The sun or dry heating air can also seriously damage our hair. In these extreme weather conditions, you must pay attention to a comprehensive care of your hair.

Especially the diet is elemental for a healthy organism. Your diet should be varied and contain lots of vegetables and fruits. Even with sufficient hydration in the form of water, you can do something good for your body. For a smooth process in your body, it is particularly important to drink enough water. By the way, top models swear by that. In front of major fashion shows and events they drink extra water. The skin looks rosy, well-supplied and fresh and the hair shines silky and has a great bounce.

Daily styling with hair dryer, straightener, curling iron strain our hair enormously. Therefore, you should always resort to hairstyles that work with air-dried hair. The hair can recover in between from the hardships and recharge your batteries. Especially with hereditary and dry scalp you should pay attention to a rich care and the right shampoo. Frequent washing also dries hair and scalp, as the natural protective layer produced by sebum on the scalp is washed off. Especially with dry hair, this natural protective layer that covers the hair is particularly thin and permeable. The dandruff layer underneath is attacked much faster and becomes porous. The moisture is lost faster, the hair dries out from the inside out.

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What helps against dry hair?

Dry hair needs special care. When buying shampoo, conditioner, treatment etc. pay attention to a high moisture content. Almost all manufacturers offer special products for dry hair. They store moisture from outside in the cuticle layer and seal it with a protective layer. As a result, the moisture remains and the hair shines again and looks healthier. Also the combability is considerably improved by the right products for dry hair. It contains care ingredients such as argan oil, shea butter or even aloe vera to specifically repair fragile areas and fill in gaps. Even silicones seal the cuticle layer with a delicate film and thus prevent the loss of moisture. However, you should use products with a high silicone content (which is not water-soluble!) only conditionally with dry hair. Be sure to use a deep cleansing shampoo every now and then to make sure that you remove any residue from your hair. Since the silicones are otherwise stuck layer by layer around your hair and leave no moisture and care substances penetrate into the hair structure. This is how the hair dries out from the inside over the long term. However, products containing water soluble silicones can be used on dry hair. The silicones are responsible for the shine and suppleness, without them your hair would look dry.

Treat your hair to styling pauses, let it air dry. In addition, a balanced, varied diet and sufficient hydration in form of water for an optimal moisture balance from the inside out.

Shampoos  for dry hair cleanse hair and scalp gently and mildly. Already during washing, care substances penetrate into the hair structure and provide the hair with moisture.

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For dry hair you should use a conditioner. The conditioner seals the pores roughened by washing and the rich care substances penetrate into the hair structure. A conditioner is a good protection and ensures shiny and healthy-looking hair.

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