Fine and thin hair

Your hair has little volume and no energy? With a few tricks and the right care you can make your hair appear fuller and strengthen from the inside out.

The good news: Fine and thin hair looks a little less but mostly people with this kind of hair have more than expected. Due to the thin circumference of the individual hair it seems to be less. On average, the circumference of a hair is about 0.06 millimeters. Fine and thin hair has a diameter of about 0.04 millimeters and below. The condition of hair is hereditary. But also from fine and thin hair can be made a lot. With right haircut, right care and a suitable styling you can get a lot out of your hair. Fine and thin hair is smoother, easier to style, dries faster and is great for fresh and cheeky short hairstyles. They are easier to tame and shape. For fine and thin hair: less is more!

The right haircut for fine and thin hair

Especially in vogue is the Midi-Cut, a midway between the classic bob and the long bob. The haircut is just cut off making the ends fuller and stronger and hair gets more volume.

The optimal length gives the hair resilience and does not hang out so quickly because of its light weight. You will get a lot of volume if hair under the top coat are cut slightly shorter.

This hairstyle is easy to clean and uncomplicated to style. In addition, the bob is very trendy and gives your appearance a new freshness and lightness.

Frau mit braunem Midi-Bob und pinken Lippen

Hair dyeing can make hair look more voluminous

Let your hair gets more volume with professional color techniques. With the trendy highlights different color are brought into the hair. For example, in the case of the balayage technique lighter and darker tones in the form of strands are set in such a way that more depth and optical volume are created. The coordinated colors result in a particularly harmonious overall picture, the hairstyle looks fuller and stronger. Tints are also very suitable for fine hair. Because a tint covers like a cloak around the hair this wins on the circumference. A tint also ensures neat shine.

Especially with fine hair should definitely be done by a professional so as not to damage the hair structure.

Frau mit Balayage-Technik

Care for fine and thin hair

With fine and thin hair less is definitely more. Especially the right care is important! The care should provide to your hair with the necessary nourishing active ingredients and strength from the inside out but this should not cause that hair is weighted and hanging limp and powerless. For fine and thin hair are best water-soluble care products that are easy to wash out. Care series that are specially developed to fine hair contain rich nourishing ingredients without making your hair heavy. They provide elasticity and volume building up your hair from the inside out.

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How can fine and thin hair be optimally styled?

Particularly suitable for fine and thin hair are styling products in mousse or foam. Hair lifts up and gets volume. Especially with hair that quickly collapses is recommended mousse with long-lasting hold. If you need more volume, gently rub your hair with the teaser brush. Updo, soft waves or even the classic ponytail get extra volume and fullness.

Another trick is the use of volume powder which is applied sparingly on the root. The effect is terrific. Your hair immediately gets a unique volume.

Even with the hair dryer you can get more volume for your hair. Lay your head at an angle and blow-dry against the neck. For fine and thin hair make sure not to expose hair to excessive heat. Because this quickly destroys the structure of fine and thin hair provoking split ends and hair breakage.

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