Just styled your hair and after 5 minutes in the fresh air your hair curls and does completely what it wants? We all know that! Especially in autumn when the heaters are started again and it is getting cold and damp outside your hair curls within minutes. This curling is called Frizz.

Dry air heating, hats and scarves cause hair to become electrostatically charged and dry out. The hair is needs moisture and in a high humidity it starts to absorb the moisture from the outside with the result of this unwanted frizz.

Your hair is shaggy and the cheeky curly strands are very hard to manipulate and definitely they do not stay where they should. We do not want this! But with the right styling and suitable care products you can easily get excellent results.

Frau mit Frizz in den Haaren

The right hair dryer for frizzy hair

Do not blow-dry your hair too hot as this promotes the formation of frizz. Best is middle level. Blow-dry strand by strand from root to ends (never the other way round) and look for a high-quality brush with soft bristles (preferably with natural and synthetic bristles). Finish with cold air, it smoothes your hair and shines beautifully.

Heat and frizz

The frequent use of styling tools dries your hair out and becomes brittle. Frizz and split ends are inevitable. It is not recommended to overheat hair every day. Let it air dry in between and set the hair dryer to the lowest or medium heat. But there are also already gentle styling tools as the Steampod by L'Oréal as a replacement for the conventional flat iron. The Steampod works with steam which gives hair gentle smooth. Always use a heat protection product before using heat on your hair.

Frizz and the right care

Your hair is already doing what it wants? With special anti-frizz products you can handle your hair very quickly. Anti-frizz products provide plenty of moisture and seal the cuticle. Even with special hair oils you can achieve an anti-frizz effect. With Anti-frizz products you additionaly obtain a wonderful second effects as shiny hair and supple. But a perfect care of your hair starts with a moisturizing shampoo and a rich conditioner. The conditioner closes the cuticle layer, so that not much humidity can penetrate into your hair from the outside. If you regularly apply anti-frizz products you can eliminate the causes of frizz.

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