Hair clips

Whether you have thin and fine, long or strong hair with hair clips you can tame any hair. Hair clips are available in different sizes, colors and shapes and the jewelry can be customized according to the occasion. Hair clips for everyday use are practical and you can choose simple decors such as horn colors, pearls, leather looks or patterns. If it may be a bit fancier, we recommend the elaborate hair clips with pearls and rhinestones, a beautiful hair accessory for special occasions.

Also for children there are matching sizes of hair clips and beautiful colorful colors. For thicker, stronger hair, it is best to choose the largest hair clip. If you only want to put up a part of your hair or have finer hair, the middle or smaller hair clip is enough. Hair clips are also available with flowers and feathers that playfully adapt to your particular look.

A hair clip in the hairstyle can be an absolute eye-catcher or make the hair quite simple and elegant. If you want to put your hair extra extravagant, hair clips are great helpers to give the hairstyle form and hold.

Use hair clips to conjure up romantic, loose or even elegant hairstyles and put a new highlight into your hair every day. Hair clips - a trend that never goes out of fashion!

Frau mit festlicher Frisur und Haarspange
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