Already in the romance you wore hair bands to hold back hair or just to beautify the hairstyle. Later the Diadem, the splendid variant of a headband, developed out of it. A headband is a ring-shaped, down-open hair jewelry that is simply put on the head. Hair is conveniently held out of the face by the headband and are thus well-cleaned. For example, you can loll the hair behind the headband, creating a magical 60s look. There are versions of the headband made of plastic or velvet-related, embroidered, studded with pearls or gemstones hairband.

Frauen mit Blumen Haarreifen

For almost any hairstyle or hair length, you can easily apply a headband. Whether in everyday life or for special occasions, the headband just never goes out of fashion. For example, if you want to grow your pony, you can simply clamp it back with the headband for the transition period. The best way to tune the headband like a piece of jewelry on your type and outfit. A headband can be a real eye-catcher in the overall picture or even seem simple and restrained. Particularly stylish are also hair bands made of silver-colored metal. But there are also gold or copper-colored models, so you can adjust the headband to your other jewelry.

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