The daily hair styling is simply part of the morning routine. Most of the time it has to be fast, but sometimes we make a lot of effort, because we also want to really shine in between times with our hairstyle. For every hair length, for women and men, there are the matching styling products. Until we find the right one for us, we often have to test ourselves a bit. Especially women can vary so nicely. The styling possibilities are almost unlimited. Whether smooth, curly or wavy, with a nice, fresh hair color or with pretty updos or plaited looks.

Fast styling for everyday life

Do you also like a little movement in your hair? With light, natural waves, you can conjure up an interesting undone look. For styling, you just need a straightener, maybe a little bit of setting product and hair spray for the finish.

Simply wash your hair as normal, add a little bit of a setting lotion to towel dried hair and apply heat protection to your hair. Then blow dry your hair well with little heat. The hair is then simply divided above the ear. Then strand by strand with the straightener pull it down relatively quickly. Turn alternately outwards and inwards.

Work through the straightener strand by strand from up to down. The vertex is set not quite straight, but of course, a little untidy. At the end simply fix with a little hairspray and run your fingers through hair. Done is the natural styling!

Video source: 7 Quick Morning Hairstyles! by Kayley Melissa on Youtube - 20.12.2015

Glamorous waves styling for the perfect look

Do you really want to impress with your styling? No problem with heated rollers! Simply wash your hair as normal, give a little bit of firmness to the towel-dried hair and apply heat protection. Then blow dry hair with a little heat.

Now plug the heated roller box so that the rollers can heat up. Divide up hair and start the heated roller strand by strand into hair. Now let them act for 10-15 min. then gently remove hair from the rollers. For a longer hold, you can fix the styling with hair spray. Voilà - Your performance will be guaranteed!

For curls and waves you can also use the curling iron, but be aware that it uses much more heat as the rollers. Therefore, absolute caution is necessary, let your hair air dry again and again.

Video source: How to use: Heated Rollers by Hollie Hobin on Youtube - 07.01.2017

New hair color? New styling!

Frau mit gefärbten Haaren

You want to change your type? With hair color, tinting, bleaching, etc. that is possible. and when the hairdresser makes the perfect cut for your, the new styling is just perfect.

With a new hair color you can create contrasts or simply highlight your natural type with a few highlights. Which hair color fits your type is not that easy to find out. Let yourself be well advised, in case of doubt, you prefer to reach for a tint that wipes out after a few washes.

In order to achieve a natural result, you should change your hair color no more than two shades. A new color can result in completely new styling possibilities. Look forward to your new self!

Hair accessories as styling helpers

Zwei Frauen mit Haarreifen aus Blüten

Head bands and hair clips make for great styling and hairstyles. Hair clips can be used as visible accessories or as invisible helpers in the form of hair pins in an updo.

These nice hair assistants help your hairstyle to hold and updos stay in shape for so long. There are countless ways to style your hair with hair accessories, let yourself be inspired!

Bendy rollers for a wild styling

Simply try a wild curly mane with bendy rollers... true, the use of bendy rollers take a little time, but is really suitable for everyone, because the handling is very simple.

In addition, you make curls without heat, which makes it a very gentle styling for the hair! Simply wash your hair as normal, apply a setting lotion into hair, then divide it. Start from the ends with the bendy rollers in towel dried hair. Roll by strand onto the bendy roller and then bend the ends together. Leave the bendies until your hair is completely dried (preferably overnight).

Then gently twist the bendy rollers strand by strand out of hair. Scour with your fingers a little and fix with hair spray. Done is the wild curly hair!

Styling for dreamers and romantics

Romantic style

Braids are a long-lasting styling trend.

For a long time the simple plait is no longer enough for styling and there are so easy ways to braid your hair. Many stylings you can implement at home and without help.

If it may be a bit more elaborate for a special occasion - ask the stylists in your favorite hairdresser.

Futuristic stylings with the crimper iron

Crimping hair

You want to try a completely new look? Crimped hair looks a futuristic style.

Either you crimp your entire hair or just single strands. With the crimper iron your hair is ultra voluminous and draws everyone's attention. Crimped hair makes it possible to style great hairstyles that will be an absolute eye-catcher.

For a perfect men styling with gel, wax, creams & Co.

Men styling

The range of styling products for men is huge. For even men's hair want to look very stylish and well-groomed. Short-cut hair looks like a hedgehog without the right styling product, but longer men's hair also needs to be defined and structured.

Whether matt, glossy, flexible or static - there are matching styling products for every need. Even the beard needs a certain amount of care and styling for a perfect look.

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