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Sulfates belong to the group of surfactants and are washing-active substances. They ensure the cleaning and the foam when washing your hair. However, certain sulfates can be very aggressive and irritate the scalp. An unpleasant itching is then the result.

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What exactly are sulfates?

Sulfates are esters or salts of sulfuric acid. They are water-soluble and are used in many different areas. For example, in the household, in cosmetics, medicine, technology or agriculture.

In cosmetics, the sulfates SLS and SLES are often used, they provide the foaming and a pore-deep cleansing. Unfortunately, sulfates also have great potential for irritating the skin - while the skin and hair are thoroughly cleansed, they are also very degreased. This often leads to dehydration of the skin and hair, the natural protection is removed and the scalp often reacts with irritation.

Sulfates belong to the anionic surfactants. In cosmetics, the following sulfates are very common: Sodium Myreth Sulfate, Sodium Laureth Sulfate, Ammonium Lauryl Sulfate and Sodium Lauryl Sulfate. These sulfates have a strong cleansing effect and often cause skin irritation, irritation and itching. In addition, you dry your hair and scalp very strong.

How can go without sulfates?

Sulfates are increasingly being questioned and many troubled customers want to do without sulfates altogether. Unfortunately, as a result, many products are made with chemical substitutes. Very controversial is the use of PEG, this substance opens the skin and allows toxins and pollutants to penetrate unhindered. However, there are also natural sulfates that do not harm the skin and hair so much. Many brands now refrain from using sulfates and prefer to rely on the power of natural ingredients.

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