Sun-stressed hair

The summer is just wonderful! Long days with plenty of sun, be outside and relax. But unfortunately, the summer is a stressful season for the hair, so that the sun-stressed hair quickly suffers from dehydration.

You come from vacation and your complexion shines, only your hair is flabby and dry? Sunlight in combination with chlorine and salt water unfortunately make our hair hard to manage. As a precaution, you should treat your hair on holiday with products that are highly moisturizing and contain UV protection. As a result, the burden on the hair is a little balanced.

Frau mit langen, braunen, geflochtenen, sonnengestressten Haaren

After sunbathing, you should treat your hair to a little bit of wellness. Maintain it with a mild cleansing shampoo and then with a moisturizing conditioner. Panthenol hair care products help sun-stressed hair to regenerate. Even products with aloe vera soothe hair and scalp and donate a lot of moisture.

A hair mask helps to rebalance dry spots and to seal the cuticle layer. Use a rich hair mask 1-2 times a week during and after your vacation. Sun-stressed hair can recover and regenerate faster.

Do not burden your hair with excessive styling, but let it air dry as much as possible. Take a break with a hair dryer, curling iron, straightener and if possible forego bleaching or hair color for the time being. The sun-stressed hair needs a little time to recover and rebuild its own protective layer.

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