Unruly hair

Unruly hair is a master of stubbornness. Especially freshly styled, unruly hair develops a life of its own again after a short time. Of course - there must be help.

First of all, you should ask yourself why your hair is so unruly. In some cases, the hair is inherently dry, the scalp layer roughened, and the scalp sebaceous gland produces too little fat. The hair is not sufficiently supplied with nutrients and the protective film is missing.

Often, however, our hair also protests against the sun, cold, dry heating air or styling with heat and frequent hair dyeing.

Frau mit welligen, dicken, widerspenstigen Haaren

All in all, unruly hair needs an extra dose of moisture and care. Wash your hair only every 2-3 days so that the scalp can recover in the meantime. Make sure to choose a mild shampoo that does not attack the scalp and hair and gently cleanses without drying out the hair. Afterwards, always condition your hair with a conditioner and apply a rich hair mask 1-2 times a week. So your hair can rebuild and recover from the inside out. The cuticle layer is filled and sealed, the shine and suppleness return. For dry, unruly hair, there is also a leave-in conditioner that is incorporated into the lengths and tips and remains in the hair. You will immediately notice a difference, the hair looks healthier and brighter and can be easily tamed.

A hair tint can also help to replenish and seal the cuticle layer. It also contains nourishing substances and provides extra shine.

Particularly with curly, unruly hair, so-called hair handlers offer themselves. These are usually offered in cream form or as serum. These hair sharpeners care for the hair intensively and ensure easier combing. The hair regains elasticity, which simplifies subsequent styling. Hairbenders are also called anti-frizz products and are often used on frizzy hair.

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