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Hair oil

Hair oils are a little luxury for every day. Find out what's special about hair oils and how to use them in our blog.

Olaplex Bond Intense Moisture Mask

Olaplex has already created excitement with the unique care properties of its previous products. So it's even nicer that the product family continues to grow. In our blog, we introduce you to No. 8.

Product favourites of the hair-shop team

There are so many great products in hair and skin care that deciding is sometimes not so easy. In our blog, we report which products are particularly convincing for some of our employees and why.

Love your Hands

Our hands are currently going through quite a lot. In addition to the normal day-to-day workload, they have to constantly withstand disinfectants and increased hand washing. In our blog, we report on the care aids that make brittle, dry hands smooth and soft again and give them an appealingly well-groomed look.

Beauty sleep for the hair - Kérastase Blond Absolu Sérum Cicanuit

Blond hair needs special care to maintain shine, suppleness and elasticity. With Kérastase Blond Absolu Sérum Cicanuit, you can even do it while you sleep. Read more about our new favourite product on the blog.

Beauty Topics from 2020

"Honey, just shampoo isn't enough!" - A blog post for men

When it comes to hair care, most men like to spend as little time as possible. However, with minimal additional effort, men's hair gets a well-deserved extra portion of care. You can learn which products are particularly suitable for this in our blog.

BaBylissPRO straightener TITANIUM

The high-quality BaByliss straightening iron is not only elegantly designed, but also convinces thanks to its performance in our practical test. More about special features and the handling of the red beauty can be found in our blog.

weDo Professional - Skin and hair care for a sustainable lifestyle

Vegan, natural and without animal testing are the care products of weDo Professional. For skin and hair, the enthusiastic team of scientists, hair experts and environmental activists have developed products that not only provide great care, but are also created as sustainable as possible. In this way, we not only do something good for ourselves, but also for our environment. In our blog we have tested some of the products.

Maria Nila tested

The hair care products of the Swedish brand Maria Nila are 100% vegan, free of animal testing and produced in a particularly sustainable way. We took a closer look at the products and tried them out. Our results can be found in our beauty blog.

Hair Care for the beach

Summer, sun, holiday time! In our blog we present the best hair and body care products for sunny times.

The BaByliss Professional Clipper FX8700E tested

We have tested the hair clipper FX8700E from BaByliss Professional. This clipper not only makes its clients look good, but is also an absolute eye-catcher itself.

ghd helios® – the innovation for full styling control

The ghd helios® is the latest innovation in ghd hair dryers. It features advanced technology and ultra-fast, powerful styling. This new product, with all the technical details and our experience, is presented on our blog.

Father's Day - what men want

May 21st is Father's Day. The day on which men like to go around the houses with their mates or devote themselves completely to their family. In any case a good opportunity to show appreciation with special attention. We have prepared something...

The beauty secrets of our mothers and grandmothers

We traditionally celebrate Mother's Day on the second Sunday in May to honour our mothers and motherhood. On this day we asked ourselves what beauty secrets and beauty tricks our mothers and grandmothers had and what we could learn from them.

Blond hair - the right care

For blonde hair to look beautiful and well-groomed, it should be treated with the right products specially developed for blonde hair. In this article you can read about the imponderables that exist for blonde hair and how they can be avoided or solved.

Paediprotect - New in our shop

Paediprotect offers skin care without questionable ingredients for sensitive baby and child skin, but also for sensitive and irritated adult skin. In this article we will give you an insight into the new brand and the individual products.

Long hair - the perfect care

Long and full hair - the epitome of femininity and the desire of many women. In this blog post you can read how to care for your hair properly so that it grows long and, above all, healthy.

Easter Beauty Highlights

Easter is just around the corner and the weather is showing its best side. A spring-like gift for Easter is what you are looking for? In our shopping selection we show you the most beautiful beauty gifts.

Spring in your hair

Bye Bye Winter and Hello Sunshine! We are so looking forward to spring! In our blog you can read how the first spring flowers beautify our hair.

The L'Oréal SteamPod 3.0 under test

The SteamPod 3.0 from L'Oréal Professionnel captivated us after only a short time. We would like to share our experiences and opinions about the innovative and caring straightening iron with steam technology and a before/after comparison here with you.

Vegan - a lifestyle conquers the bathroom

A vegan lifestyle is becoming more and more popular, and not only in terms of our nutrition. In our blog you can learn more about vegan skin care products and how they can be recognized in the jungle of offered products.

Valentine's Day - loving gifts

Friday is Valentine's Day! Besides many promotions we offer, we would like to present some gift ideas on our blog. Let us inspire you!

NEW: the L'Oréal Professionnel SteamPod 3.0

The SteamPod from L'Oréal Professionnel is an innovative and unique straightening iron. It works with steam. We'll show you the special features of SteamPod 3.0 and what's different from its predecessor, SteamPod 2.0, and show you which SteamPod care product is right for you.

The hair clip trend : How to wear it

Today you can't get past the XXL hair clips and opulent hair rubbers anymore. In the magazines, on social media channels and also on the street the hair clip trend is becoming more and more present. How the trend is worn and which accessories belong to it, you can read in our Hair Clip Blog Post.

Kérastase Genesis - The new hair care against hair loss

Are you also so excited about the new product series that Kérastase is launching today on January 7, 2020? We can hardly wait to tell you about it. The new product series Kérastase Genesis.

Beauty Topics from 2019

Review of the year 2019

"Time lasts long enough for the one who wants to use it." - Leonardo da Vinci. In 2019, we have again created and improved upon many things. Read our little shop year review and design your 2020 together with us.

Festive hairstyles for Christmas

For Christmas we would like to look particularly beautiful and festive. The perfect holiday outfit is of course the basis here. The hair, however, is the highlight for the Christmas styling. In today's blog post we have summarized four video tutorials for festive Christmas hairstyles.

Uniq One - the new Fine Hair Foam Treatment

Perfect and deeply effective care with minimum expenditure of time. Does it work at all? No problem with the Uniq One series from Revlon. The Uniq One series consists of products that nourish the hair intensively and at the same time can be applied in a short time. The Uniq One Fine Hair Foam Treatment is a completely new product that revolutionises the series once again.

Christmas sets and other gift ideas

Are you still looking for the perfect gift? Are you simply missing inspiration this year? Take a look at our XMAS category. Here we have put together gifts for you that will put a smile on everyone's face.

Black Friday - we celebrate already on Wednesday

Black Friday - The Deal Day of the Year. You can also profit with us and even from Wednesday. Find out more about Black Friday and how you can save money with us.

L'ORÉAL Series Expert POWERMIX Shot - Hair Care Personalized for You

A completely individual care adapted to the needs of your hair. This is possible with the Powermix Shots from L'Oréal Professionnel. Choose from four different products and create your personalised hair care at home.

Sebastian Professional Dark Oil - The series is extended

You know the incomparable scent of Sebastian Professional Dark Oil hair oil? Then you can look forward to it now. The series will be extended and you can now pamper your hair with shampoo and suitable care. In this blog post we will introduce you to the series in more detail.

On Singles' Day, 11.11., the singles of this world will be celebrated!

Also this year Singles' Day will be celebrated on November 11th. In Germany, this day is still relatively unknown in China as the online shopping day par excellence. We will tell you a little bit more about this day and how we celebrate Singles' Day at

Halloween Hairstyles - spooky beautiful hair impressions

Halloween is just around the corner... Of course, the make-up and hairstyle have to match the scary costume. You are still missing the right look? You can find some inspirations for a creepily beautiful hairstyle in our blog post.

Alcina Pre-Aging Cream - invest in a smooth skin in time

Alcina Pre-Aging Cream was developed to prevent skin aging. Anti-aging products, on the other hand, only react when the aging process of the skin has already begun. The Pre-Aging Cream deals with a much earlier point in time and helps to delay the process.

"Einheitsbuddeln" - Planting trees as a new tradition for the Day of German Unity

A tree for the future, a tree for the Day of German Unity. We join in and let you participate.

Munich beer festival - We help you with your perfect Wiesn-Look

The Munich Beer Festival, which is celebrated every year at the end of September, is no longer just held in Munich. We also celebrate this motto in the north. In today's blog post you will find some inspirations for your Munich Beer Festival hairstyle.

milk_shake Moisture Plus for an extra portion of moisture

Your hair lacks moisture? Hair feels strawy and looks dull? With the Moisture Plus series from milk_shake you can moisturize your hair and restore its luminosity.

Online shopping and ecology - does that go together?

When ordering on the Internet, opinions differ: packaging waste, CO2 emissions and roads congested by LWK are contrasted by comfort, choice and simplicity. What can online retailers do and what does do in particular to keep the "footprint" as small as possible? This question concerns us in our daily work.

Hair of children - special features and hair care tips

On 20th September is World Children's Day and we take this opportunity to inform you about the hair care specialities of children's hair and to give helpful tips. The World Children's Day, which is celebrated every year on 20 September, is intended to draw attention to the rights of children and their individual needs.

Olaplex No.7 - makes our hair shine!

Brand new is the new Olaplex No.7 Bonding Oil. What exactly does the new product promise and can it keep this promise? We will get to the bottom of this and test the new Olaplex No.7 Bonding Oil for you.

Bad hair, don't care - 1st help for the hair

You get up in the morning and the hair just doesn't fit. It is stubborn, dull and unmanageable. The hair stands out uncontrollably. A Bad Hair Day - unwanted and unloved. But where does this phenomenon actually come from?

Pure and natural - well-groomed hair with natural ingredients by Wella SP Essential

Naturally beautiful and well-groomed hair with the new Wella SP Essential series. Would you like to do without harmful ingredients in your daily hair care? Wella SP Essential makes this easy for you.

NEW IN: Foamie - ecological care for skin and hair

New in our shop - the brand Foamie offers us with solid shampoo and shower sponges ecologically conscious products without renouncing a pampering care experience. Now we are saying goodbye to shower gel and shampoo in plastic bottles!

Hair loss - a big problem?!

Every day we loose hair and this is a natural process. But what if the loss of hair is increased and prolonged? Here you can find out what causes hair loss and what you can do about it.

Goldwell Kerasilk Revitalize – Detoxing for the hair

Inspired by skin care, the Goldwell Kerasilk Revitalize Series is a rejuvenating care routine that revitalizes the scalp and beautifies the hair. The main causes of scalp aging are counteracted with specially formulated products.

NEW: Kérastase Fusio Scrub

With the Fusio Scrub product line, Kérastase introduces a new product to the market. It attaches great importance to the health of the scalp, which is the root of healthy hair. The intensive, pore-cleaning peeling gives you strong and voluminous hair.

NEW IN : Tonymoly - Korean Beauty Expert

Our new brand TONYMOLY is, just like KOCOSTAR, part of the K-Beauty movement. You can read about the beauty secrets Koreans have for beautiful, healthy and radiant skin here.

NEW IN : KOCOSTAR - The Korean Cosmetic Star

The brand KOCOSTAR is completely new in our shop. It is characterised by unusual and deep care. Whether for the hair, face or hands and feet, there is something for everyone. See for yourself!

Sun protection for your hair - the best beauty tricks for the holidays

Summer, sun, beach and sea - Where is the problem for the hair and has the hair to be specially protected in summer? With these tricks you can let your hair shine in summer.

ORGANIC KICK - natural hair care by John Masters Organics

Organic - fair - sustainable, all these are aspects that are important to you? You attach importance to natural ingredients in your care and would like to support this trend? Then find out more about perfectly natural beauty from John Masters Organics and treat yourself to the finest essences and extracts from nature!

Our customers become product testers

Receive high-quality hair care products sent to you free of charge and try them out with pleasure? That sounds like a dream come true for many beauty fans. With our product tester program this is now child's play. Find out more.

New: Nature + Science - the Redken Revolution

In May 2019, Redken is coming up with a small revolution within the brand. Well-known bestsellers in an unprecedented variant with - for Redken - unusual ingredients and a special packaging. becomes

This month, something great is happening here. We are getting different, more modern, clearer. Read here what our name change is all about.

New: Kérastase Blond Absolu for blond hair

New year, new products. Kérastase starts the new year with promising new products for blond hair: Kérastase Blond Absolu.

Beauty Topics from 2018 and older

New: Redken Color Extend Blondage against yellow cast

Redken is also dedicated to combating the unwanted yellow tinge. With the new Color Extend Blondage series, specialized products are used here.

New from Redken: All Soft Mega for particularly dry hair

There's news from Redken! All All Soft fans should pay attention now, because there is now: All Soft Mega. With its intensive formula, the new series focuses on particularly dry and brittle hair.

New from Kérastase: Résistance Extensioniste for long hair

Kérastase fans with long hair pay attention: The new Résistance Extentioniste is a new product series that has what it takes to become a hit. It follows in the footsteps of the discontinued Christalliste series from Kérastase.

Kérastase Aura Botanica 2.0

One year after the presentation of the new Aura Botanica series, Kérastase is now launching the first expansion of the series. The collected customer feedback now makes this special Kérastase series even better with three new products.

New L'Oréal product for Beehive looks

Fancy a new look? How about the Beehive look of the 60s? Find out how L'Oréal Professionnel can help you with the beehive in our blog post.

Back to natural - look unpainted with make-up

In addition to the current trend of flawless, plastic á la Kardashian make-up, the nude look is and remains THE timeless make-up par excellence. The art is to look make-up without make-up and thus to emphasize your natural and individual side.

Beautiful skin for spring

The air becomes milder, the sun can be seen more often and the crocuses sprout out of the ground at every corner. Spring is coming - hooray! The right care is especially important to keep your skin looking as fresh, awake and alert as spring, even now when the weather is changing.

All the best to all power women!

Congratulations to all Powerfrauen on World Women's Day!

Foolish nails

Mermaid, unicorn or hippie? Is your carnival costume ready yet? No matter what you dress up as, one thing is for sure...Carnival 2017 will be colourful!

Romantic Valentine's Day hairstyle

Well, will you be taken out to dinner on Valentine's Day? Maybe you'll take the initiative yourself, tell yourselves "the woman is herself" and surprise your loved one with a delicious, home-cooked candlelight meal? Whatever you have in mind, a romantic hair styling is a must. This sweet hairstyle is guaranteed to melt your treasure... A romantic hair styling is as easy as that:

The power of nature - Aura Botanica by Kérastase

Again and again we are asked by you for hair care without silicones, parabens or sulfates as well as for products with completely natural ingredients. Therefore we would like to present you today a novelty on the market.

Parabens - How bad are they really?

What should I leave on my hair and what not? Parabens have been under criticism for some time. But what are parabens, what do they do with their hair and what is so bad about it? Are they as bad as their reputation? What shampoos and hair care products contain them? And what are the alternatives? The questions are numerous. We bring light into the darkness and answer your questions about the topic.

5 styling tips for fine hair

A dream: ...the hair gum glides over the shiny plait, the hair opens and falls softly and fully over the whole back. Full, flowing hair, that's what we all want. But what if you are simply not blessed with such a voluminous dream mane?  Don't worry - with a few simple tips even the flattest hair can be pushed or cleverly concealed!

Bring color into your life - hair color, hair tint, hair gums, nail polish - the main thing is colorful

Are you looking forward to Easter and spring too? The days are getting longer, the birds are chirping louder and louder and the spring flowers have awoken from their hibernation. In the Easter season, after the rather gloomy winter, we get the desire for fresh colours again. Your own home is quickly decorated with Easter colours and makes you feel happy. But what about you?

Now it may sparkle! Glamorous Eye Make-Up

Are you still looking for the right eye make-up for New Year's Eve or the next party? Now it can be really glamorous and glitter a little! Because the trends for the turn of the year 2016/2017 can be summed up in a simple formula: Glitter, gold, glitter and glamour, glamour, glamour. That goes for the outfit as well as for the eye make-up. Our New Year's Eve eye make-up tip goes well with a sparkling dress in trendy gold as shown in the picture below. And even if you prefer the classic black for your dress, it is a special eye-catcher. With this look, the golden eyeliner gives the Smokey Eyes that special something for the party at the turn of the year - or any other occasion.

Last Minute Halloween Tips

The Halloween party is coming up, but you don't know what to wear or don't have time to shop and prepare? Maybe you don't want to be dressed up with extreme horror make-up, but you still want to pick up the motto and be suitably styled?

Summer Looks

Granted, summer doesn't always live up to its promises. But do we have to let this spoil our mood? No! There are so many beautiful summer days that are fun despite the sometimes "imperfect weather", because we are invited to a party, our best friend celebrates a wedding, we go to the festival or we just want to look stunning on the beach. If you're still looking for some inspiration for a successful summer hairstyle, you'll find it below. Of course, we'll also show you the right products that lead to the breathtaking results. Now nothing can stand in the way of a perfect summer day!

Hair color during pregnancy?

The joy is enormous when the gynaecologist announces the message that something small is on its way. But especially during pregnancy there is a lot to consider. Especially in the first third of pregnancy the risk is high and many women are very insecure during this time.

5 tips against Frizz

Outside it is getting colder, the days are getting shorter and summer is giving way to autumn.... It's time to make yourself cosy and warm inside. The dry heating air and the high humidity outside are unfortunately absolute enemies of our hair: Frizz is pre-programmed. We have 5 effective tips for you, with which frizzy, protruding hair belongs to the past.

Sports hairstyles: Olympia - The hairstyle holds!

Faster, higher, further! Are you already in Olympic fever? In addition to the sporting highlights, we are particularly excited about the hairstyles of the Olympic women. Already at the last Olympics in London they showed us that for a practical sports hairstyle that can endure anything, the boring ponytail doesn't always have to be used. Because who doesn't know that? You also want to look good in sports. And especially when the training demands a lot of power, the hairstyle should hold. We'll show you here which hairstylings you can use to look just as good in your workout as the Olympians do in their sweaty competitions.