milk_shake Moisture Plus for an extra portion of moisture

Today I would like to use the time to present one of my favourite series to you. The Moisture Plus series from milk_shake is really worth a closer look. The Moisture Plus series, as the name implies, provides an extra portion of MOISTURE and makes dry hair shiny and soft again. The hair care is not only incredibly rich, it also smells incredibly good like papaya.

Moisture Plus

The milk_shake Moisture Plus series is specifically dedicated to dry hair and makes it healthy and radiant again. The perfect moisture balance is achieved by the deeply effective ingredients.

The ingredients are hyaluronic acid, organic papaya extract and Integrity 41.

Hyaluronic acid has the ability to absorb and store large amounts of water. This replenishes the hair's moisture depots, which in turn ensures shiny and smooth hair. At the lower parts of the hair, which are more severely attacked in the long run, the dandruff layer opens and the hair is damaged and dries out. Hyaluronic acid now penetrates into these open layers and binds the moisture. The tips of the hair are healthy again and can radiate.

Organic papaya extract protects the skin and hair from drying out.

Inegrity 41 is an antioxidant that guarantees the durability of the hair color, protects and repairs the hair. It also protects the hair from UV radiation.

The product portfolio of the milk_shake Moisture Plus series offers everything for the complete care routine. It contains shampoo, conditioner, leave-in foam and a hair lotion.


You want nourished, strengthened and well-groomed hair and your hair lacks luminosity? Then Moisture Plus products are just the thing for you. Take healthy care of your hair!

At the moment we are also running a product test for this series in our shop. I'm very curious whether you'll be as happy at home as I am.

Mimi L.

September 23, 2019