Romantic Valentine's Day hairstyle

Well, will you be taken out to dinner on Valentine's Day? Maybe you'll take the initiative yourself, tell yourselves "the woman is herself" and surprise your loved one with a delicious, home-cooked candlelight meal?

Whatever you have in mind, a romantic hair styling is a must.

This sweet hairstyle is guaranteed to melt your treasure... A romantic hair styling is as easy as that:

Step 1:
Wave your hair with the curling iron. Be sure to use a heat protection spray first. Then loosen the hair with your hands so that the curls fall more naturally.

Step 2:
Now simply braid a small plait on one side from the base to about ear height and fix it with a hairpin. Then pull the braid apart using the pancaking technique. Pin the plait underneath another strand of hair to hide the hairpin.

Step 3:
Pluck out a small curl from the front and drop it in your face!

Step 4:
If you like, you can now use hair ornaments, e.g. a beautiful flower. A little tip: If you don't have a matching flower hair clip at hand, just put a real flower in your hair! So that they don't wilt and last the whole evening, it's best to use roses, orchids or hyacinths and spray them with hairspray beforehand.

Happy Valentine's Day!

Ulla R.

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February 10, 2017