Sports hairstyles: Olympia - The hairstyle holds!

Faster, higher, further! Are you already in Olympic fever? In addition to the sporting highlights, we are particularly excited about the hairstyles of the Olympic women. Already at the last Olympics in London they showed us that for a practical sports hairstyle that can endure anything, the boring ponytail doesn't always have to be used. Because who doesn't know that? You also want to look good in sports. And especially when the training demands a lot of power, the hairstyle should hold. We'll show you here which hairstylings you can use to look just as good in your workout as the Olympians do in their sweaty competitions.

Jaqueline Carvalhos has already done it in London: A practical braid can easily be upgraded to a stylish hairstyle. If you want to recreate the typical Jaqueline Carvalhos look, just bind your hair to a high plait as shown in the picture. Then add some shine spray to the braid and separate two or three more sections at the same distance with coloured hair ties depending on the length of the hair. Then pluck out the hairs a little between the sections that have been cut off and lightly dock them. As a special eye-catcher choose a matching hairband.


We learned from Karoline Bjerkeli Grovdal: A braided hairstyle in sports is not only extremely stylish, but also holds the hair firmly together and out of the face. Karoline has braided the hair to a French braid and then tied it in a loose chignon.

We'll show you more variations, which we especially like. Extra tip: So that the hair is especially handy for braiding, you can work some styling foam into the towel-dried hair or use dry shampoo in dry hair. As a finish for more shine and long-lasting hold just use some hairspray.

centre parting

Sweet and suitable for training: For this hairstyle the hair is divided to the middle parting. Then loosely fix the hair on both sides with a rubber. Now braid each side to a plait, gradually adding new strands from the sides. Continue braiding behind the ear and stop at the neck. Then braid the rest of the hair to a normal plait and fix it with a rubber band. Then put both plaits crosswise, push the ends under the other plait and fix them there.

If it's ever gonna be a special eye-catcher: You can also weave this hairstyle the evening before for your party visit and leave it in your hair the next morning for the morning exercise. To do this, cut off two small parts of your hair on the sides. Weave both parts into herringbone plaits up to the middle of the head. Then braid the middle part to a French plait. From the centre of the head, add the herringbone plaits and braid the French plait further up to the neck. Now you change again into a herringbone plait. Fix the braid at the bottom with a hair band, wrap a strand of hair around the band and pin it to the underside with a hairpin.

braided hairstyle

Simple, fast and beautiful: Take the hair together at the sides, braid it from ear level to a plait and fix it with a matching hair band.

This hairstyle brings variety into the training: For this, the hair is creped with a crimper and then tied together to a high plait. If that doesn't have any power!

Whether bound, creped or braided: The hairstyle holds - even with the fastest sprint. May the games begin!

Ulla R.

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August 8, 2016