Alcina Make Up

Alcina Make Up

Wide range of high-quality make-up products, including foundations, lipsticks, eye shadows and more. The products are designed for natural beauty and a wide range of styling options to create individual make-up looks.

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34 items

34 items

Diverse range of high-quality Alcina make-up products

The Alcina make-up range offers a wide range of products for perfect make-up that emphasizes natural beauty and conjures up an even, radiant complexion. From foundations and concealers to eye shadows and lipsticks, Alcina offers a wide range of products for every skin type and every occasion.

Alcina foundations are characterized by their light texture and high coverage, which evens out irregularities and gives a natural complexion. They are available in different shades to perfectly match individual skin tones and often contain moisturizing ingredients such as hyaluronic acid to nourish and hydrate the skin.

For a flawless complexion, Alcina also offers a selection of concealers and correctors that effectively conceal dark circles, redness and blemishes and make the skin appear more even. These products are often available in a creamy texture and are easy to apply and blend.

Alcina's eye make-up range includes eyeshadows in various shades and finishes, from subtle nude tones to intense colors for dramatic looks. The highly pigmented eye shadows are easy to blend and ensure long-lasting color and a professional result.

For perfectly defined eyebrows, Alcina offers various products such as eyebrow pencils, powders and gels that shape, fill and emphasize the eyebrows. They are often available in different shades to perfectly match the natural hair color and allow for precise and easy application.

Alcina lip products include lipsticks, lip glosses and lip liners, which are available in a variety of colors and finishes to add that certain something to any look. They are often enriched with moisturizing ingredients that nourish the lips and protect them from drying out.

Alcina make-up products are characterized by their high quality, good compatibility and versatility. They are dermatologically tested and often free from parabens, silicones and other potentially irritating ingredients, making them suitable for sensitive skin types. With Alcina make-up, you can emphasize your individual beauty and create a flawless look for any occasion.

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