Alcina Styling

Alcina Styling

Hair styling products to offer professional styling options and long-lasting hold for different hairstyles and hair types.

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Alcina Styling: Professional styling options

Alcina offers a diverse range of styling products designed to care for, style and protect the hair. From styling gels to hairsprays and shine sprays, Alcina offers products for every hair type and styling need.

Alcina's styling gels are easy to use and offer flexible and long-lasting fixation without weighing the hair down or making it sticky. They are ideal for structured and defined looks and are easy to wash out without leaving any residue.

Alcina hairsprays offer variable hold and provide long-lasting hold and styling control. They protect the hair from moisture and UV rays and at the same time give it shine and suppleness. Thanks to their fine atomization, they are easy and even to apply and leave no residue.

For a glossy finish, Alcina offers shine sprays that give the hair a radiant shine without weighing it down or making it greasy. They are ideal for all hair types and leave the hair looking healthy and well-groomed.

Alcina also offers a selection of special styling products such as heat protection sprays, which protect the hair from heat and moisturize it at the same time, and volume sprays, which give the hair more body and volume. All Alcina products are dermatologically tested and free from parabens and silicones to preserve the health and beauty of the hair.

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Alcina Pre-Aging Cream - invest in a smooth skin in time

Alcina Pre-Aging Cream was developed to prevent skin aging. Anti-aging products, on the other hand, only react when the aging process of the skin has already begun. The Pre-Aging Cream deals with a much earlier point in time and helps to delay the process.

Back to natural - look unpainted with make-up

In addition to the current trend of flawless, plastic á la Kardashian make-up, the nude look is and remains THE timeless make-up par excellence. The art is to look make-up without make-up and thus to emphasize your natural and individual side.