Alterna is a well-known brand for high-quality hair care products, known for its innovative formulas and luxurious textures. Alterna's products are characterized by their effectiveness, natural ingredients and eco-friendly approach that nourish, repair and protect the hair.

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87 items

What customers say about Alterna

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147 ★★★★★ (as of 29.04.2024)

Customer opinions of Alterna are overwhelmingly positive. Many appreciate the brand's high-quality products, effective formulas and eco-friendly commitment. Customers praise the luxurious experience the products provide, as well as the health benefits to their hair that are often noted after using Alterna products. Overall, Alterna is often seen as a trustworthy and high-quality brand of hair care products.

Customers praise Alterna shampoos for their effectiveness in cleansing and conditioning hair, as well as for the pleasant experience of using them. They report improved shine, strengthening and smoothness of the hair as well as a reduction in problems such as dryness or dandruff. The long-lasting color result for colored hair is also often positively emphasized.

Frequently asked questions about Alterna

What distinguishes Alterna hair care products?

Alterna hair care products are often praised for their high-quality ingredients, innovative formulas and luxurious experience. The brand relies on natural and eco-friendly ingredients to effectively nourish, repair and protect hair while providing a comfortable conditioning experience.

What hair types are Alterna products suitable for?

Alterna offers a variety of products for different hair types and needs, including color-treated hair, dry hair, fine hair, frizzy hair and more. The diverse formulas can be customized to address specific hair concerns and achieve optimal results.

Are Alterna products suitable for sensitive scalps?

Many customers with sensitive scalps report that they tolerate Alterna products well. The brand often uses gentle and soothing ingredients that do not irritate the scalp and provide gentle cleansing and care.

How effective are Alterna products for hair care?

Customers are often positive about the effectiveness of Alterna products in improving hair health. They report shinier, stronger and smoother hair and a reduction in hair problems such as dryness, split ends and dandruff.

Do Alterna products help to protect and maintain colored hair?

Yes, many Alterna products are specially formulated to care for and protect colored hair. The products help to minimize hair color fading by hydrating, repairing and protecting hair from environmental damage.

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