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Alterna Shampoo is known for its high-quality formulas that address different hair types and needs, providing thorough cleansing and targeted care to strengthen, hydrate and protect hair.

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25 items

Frequently asked questions about Alterna Shampoo

What hair type is Alterna Shampoo suitable for?

Alterna Shampoo is suitable for a variety of hair types, including color-treated, dry, fine, frizzy and sensitive hair. The brand offers a wide range of shampoos specifically designed to meet the individual needs of each hair type. From moisturizing formulas to products for more volume or color retention, there is a suitable solution for every hair type and every problem.

Do Alterna shampoos contain natural ingredients?

Yes, many Alterna shampoos contain natural ingredients such as extracts from plants, fruits and oils. These natural ingredients are often chosen for their nourishing and strengthening properties and help to revitalize hair and give it a healthy appearance. Alterna emphasizes the use of high quality and effective ingredients that are gentle on the hair while being environmentally friendly.

Are Alterna shampoos free from harmful chemicals?

Many Alterna shampoos are free from harmful chemicals such as sulphates, parabens, phthalates and gluten. The brand relies on gentle formulas that effectively cleanse and condition the hair without stressing or damaging it. Customers with sensitive scalps or allergies to certain ingredients often appreciate the gentle and skin-friendly composition of Alterna shampoos.

Do Alterna shampoos help to maintain hair color?

Yes, some Alterna shampoos are specially formulated to protect and preserve hair color. These shampoos often contain ingredients that help minimize hair color fading and preserve color vibrancy. With regular use, they can help keep colored hair looking fresh and vibrant for longer while conditioning and strengthening it.

Alterna Shampoo: High-quality formulas for targeted hair care

Alterna Shampoo is an integral part of the diverse product range of this renowned hair care brand. Alterna shampoos are known for their high-quality formulas that have been specially developed to address different hair types and needs. Whether you have color-treated, dry, fine, frizzy or sensitive hair, Alterna offers a selection of shampoos tailored to your individual requirements.

These shampoos not only provide thorough cleansing, but also targeted care to strengthen, hydrate and protect the hair. They contain a variety of natural and effective ingredients that help to improve the health and beauty of your hair. From moisturizing oils to proteins and antioxidants, the formulas are designed to revitalize hair and give it a healthy appearance.

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