BaByliss Pro

BaByliss Pro

Hair styling tools and appliances that are known for their innovative technology and high quality. The product range includes a variety of appliances such as hair straighteners, curling irons, hair dryers and hair clippers that are tailored to the needs of end users. BaByliss Pro stands for durable, high-performance styling tools that deliver professional results while taking hair health into account.

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  • Hair Dryer

    Professional performance and innovative technologies such as ionic and infrared heat, ergonomic design and a wide range of setting options, ideal for demanding hair styling

  • Straighteners

    The straighteners combine advanced heating technologies, high quality materials and ergonomic design to deliver professional styling results with versatility and efficiency for a wide range of hair types

  • Kreppeisen / Welleneisen

    With their specially designed heating plates and advanced heating technology, the crepe irons offer the opportunity to create unique, textured hairstyles and are suitable for versatile styling options from volume to subtle accents

  • Curling Iron

    With advanced heating technology, a variety of sizes and shapes and customizable temperature settings, the curling irons offer professional and versatile styling options for long-lasting curls and waves

  • Hot Air Brushes

    Hot air brushes combine the functions of a blow dryer and round brush, offer versatile styling options with different attachments and are equipped with advanced technologies for fast, efficient and glossy styling

  • Shaver

    These hair clippers offer professional cutting performance and precision with high-quality blades, versatile cutting length settings and ergonomic design

  • Rasierer

    These razors offer professional shaving performance with precise blades, ergonomic design and versatile adjustment options, ideal for demanding shaves

  • Curler

    The heat rollers offer fast heat-up, different sizes and ionic technology for versatile, professional curl and wave styling with added shine and reduced frizz

  • 4Artists

    A range of advanced and professional styling tools designed for precision, efficiency and durability to enable creative and quality hair styling

  • Föhn Zubehör

    Diffuser for Babyliss hairdryers

93 items

93 items

BaByliss Pro: high-performance styling tools for professionals

BaByliss Pro is a renowned brand that offers professional styling tools and hair care products for hairdressers and consumers. This brand is known for its high-quality, innovative products that are used both in professional salons and by consumers at home.

Here are some details of BaByliss Pro:

  • Wide product range: BaByliss Pro offers an extensive range of hair styling tools, including hair straighteners, curling irons, blow dryers, clippers and hot brushes. These tools are known for their durability, performance and innovative technology.
  • Technological innovations: BaByliss Pro is a leader in introducing advanced technologies in hair styling tools, such as the use of nano-titanium in straighteners and curling irons to ensure even heat distribution and gentle hair treatment.
  • Quality and professionalism: BaByliss Pro products are known for their professional quality and durability. They are often recommended by hairdressers and stylists as they deliver precise results and are suitable for regular use in professional environments.
  • Innovative styling solutions: BaByliss Pro develops products that respond to the latest trends in hair styling. From high-performance blow dryers that reduce drying time to specialized curling irons for different types of curls, the brand offers a variety of options for different styling needs.
  • Consumer accessibility: Although BaByliss Pro is designed for the professional market, its products are also popular with consumers as they allow them to achieve salon-quality styling at home.
  • Focus on hair health: BaByliss Pro is committed to ensuring that their styling tools are not only effective but also gentle on hair. Many of their products feature adjustable heat settings and advanced technologies to minimize heat damage to the hair.

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