BaByliss Pro

BaByliss Pro

Babyliss is a well-known manufacturer of electric hair care appliances and tools. The brand offers a wide range of products such as hair straighteners, curling irons, hair dryers and hair clippers, which are known for their high quality and performance.

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  • Hair Dryer

    Professional performance and innovative technologies such as ionic and infrared heat, ergonomic design and a wide range of setting options, ideal for demanding hair styling

  • Straighteners

    The straighteners combine advanced heating technologies, high quality materials and ergonomic design to deliver professional styling results with versatility and efficiency for a wide range of hair types

  • Kreppeisen / Welleneisen

    With their specially designed heating plates and advanced heating technology, the crepe irons offer the opportunity to create unique, textured hairstyles and are suitable for versatile styling options from volume to subtle accents

  • Curling Iron

    With advanced heating technology, a variety of sizes and shapes and customizable temperature settings, the curling irons offer professional and versatile styling options for long-lasting curls and waves

  • Hot Air Brushes

    Hot air brushes combine the functions of a blow dryer and round brush, offer versatile styling options with different attachments and are equipped with advanced technologies for fast, efficient and glossy styling

  • Shaver

    These hair clippers offer professional cutting performance and precision with high-quality blades, versatile cutting length settings and ergonomic design

  • Rasierer

    These razors offer professional shaving performance with precise blades, ergonomic design and versatile adjustment options, ideal for demanding shaves

  • Curler

    The heat rollers offer fast heat-up, different sizes and ionic technology for versatile, professional curl and wave styling with added shine and reduced frizz

  • 4Artists

    A range of advanced and professional styling tools designed for precision, efficiency and durability to enable creative and quality hair styling

  • Föhn Zubehör

    Diffuser for Babyliss hairdryers

93 items

93 items

What customers say about BaByliss

Total reviews:

294 ★★★★★ (as of 12.04.2024)

Customers often praise the versatility and performance of Babyliss curling irons, hot air brushes and straighteners. Many appreciate the quick heat-up time and precise temperature control, which allows them to create different hair styles with ease. Customers report long-lasting results with little to no hair damage, which is due to the gentle technology and high-quality materials. The majority of customers also praise the ergonomic design and ease of use of these devices, which make styling at home easier.

Frequently asked questions about BaByliss

Which Babyliss products are best for my hair?

Babyliss offers a variety of hair styling tools, including hair dryers, straighteners, curling irons and hair clippers. The best choice depends on your hair type, styling needs and personal preference. A hair stylist or hairdresser can help you choose the right product for your needs.

Are Babyliss products suitable for home use or more for professional applications?

Babyliss products are suitable for both uses. Many models are specifically designed for home use, but still offer professional results. There are also professional lines for hairdressing salons, designed for daily use and intensive use.

How do Babyliss products differ from other brands on the market?

Babyliss is known for its high quality, innovative technology and ease of use. The brand is characterized by its durable and high-performance products that deliver professional results. In addition, Babyliss offers a wide range of styling tools for different hair types and needs.

How do I properly care for and clean my Babyliss devices?

Maintaining and cleaning your Babyliss appliances is important to maintain their performance and lifespan. Exact instructions vary depending on the type of product, so it is advisable to read the instructions provided. In general, you should allow the appliances to cool after each use and then gently wipe them with a dry cloth to remove any residue.

What additional features do Babyliss products offer?

Many Babyliss products have additional features and technologies that can make styling easier and better. These include, for example, different heat settings, ionic technology for shiny and frizz-free hair, quick heat functions and automatic shut-off functions for safety and convenience.

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The BaByliss Professional Clipper FX8700E tested

We have tested the hair clipper FX8700E from BaByliss Professional. This clipper not only makes its clients look good, but is also an absolute eye-catcher itself.