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Glynt's product range includes shampoos, conditioners, styling products and color care products aimed at improving hair health, intensifying color and creating individual hairstyles. The Glynt brand is characterized by its innovative formulations and commitment to high-quality ingredients and is valued by customers worldwide.

  • Mangala Color Color refresher to preserve the color intensity and protect the hair
  • Styling Diverse range of styling products to shape, texture and set different hairstyles while adding shine and hold to the hair
  • Revital Hair care range to revitalize and strengthen damaged hair and restore its suppleness and shine
  • Hydro Series aimed at intensely moisturizing dry or brittle hair to make it appear supple and hydrated again
  • Volume Care to give fine hair more volume, fullness and structure
  • Derma Hair care that has been specially developed for sensitive or irritated scalps to soothe and care for them
  • Nutri Hair care series to intensively nourish dry and stressed hair and give it deep care and a healthy shine
  • Refresh Product line consisting of shampoo and shower gel, for the ultimate freshness kick
  • Trijuven Series for intensive regeneration and care for severely stressed and damaged hair with innovative active ingredients aimed at restoring and strengthening the hair structure
  • Sun Series specially designed for the protection and care of hair exposed to the sun, salt and chlorine.
  • Pure Shampoo powder without perfume and dyes for gentle cleansing and care of hair and scalp
  • Sensitive Care series to provide gentle cleansing and care without causing irritation or allergic reactions.

122 items

122 items

Glynt shampoo and hair care products

Are Glynt products good for your hair?

Glynt is an up-and-coming German brand for professional hair care and styling products that has its origins in Switzerland. The brand is characterized by its high-quality formulations and ingredients and places great emphasis on research and development to deliver high quality products. The products are of very high quality and are almost without exception positively rated by customers.

Glynt offers a wide range of products that are suitable for different hair types and textures. These include:

  • Dry and damaged hair: products that intensively condition and moisturize to revitalize dry and damaged hair
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  • Colored hair: The brand has developed products that are specially tailored to the needs of colored hair to protect the color and preserve the luminosity.
  • Fine and thin hair: Glynt offers solutions to increase volume and strengthen fine and thin hair.
  • Curly and wavy hair: There are products that aim to define curls and reduce frizz
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  • Normal hair: Products for general care and strengthening are also available for normal hair.

Glynt offers a wide range of hair care and styling products. These include:

Shampoos and conditioners,

hair masks and conditioning treatments,

styling products such as gels, waxes and sprays,

hair color and care products and

specialty products to treat hair problems such as dryness, damage or frizz.

Some of the product highlights are:

  • Nutri Oil series: This line focuses on the intensive care of dry and damaged hair and uses valuable oils to restore suppleness and shine.
  • Mangala Color Series: Specially developed for colored hair, this series protects the hair color from fading and gives it luminosity.
  • Hydro range: These products provide moisture and care for normal to slightly dry hair to keep it healthy and shiny.

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