Glynt Shampoo

Glynt shampoos are professional hair care products that are specially formulated for different hair types and needs and contain high-quality ingredients to cleanse, condition and revitalize the hair.

23 items

23 items

Glynt shampoos for all hair types

Here are some details about Glynt shampoos:

  • Hair type-specific formulations: Glynt develops shampoos that are tailored to different hair types and conditions. This means that there can be special shampoos for dry, damaged, colored, fine or normal hair. Each formulation contains ingredients that aim to meet the specific needs of these hair types.
  • Ingredients: The exact composition of Glynt shampoos may vary depending on the product, but they are generally made using high quality ingredients. Glynt emphasizes the use of ingredients that gently cleanse and condition the hair without weighing it down.
  • Special treatments: In addition to the basic cleansing and conditioning functions, some Glynt shampoos offer special treatments. For example, certain products may be formulated for repairing damaged hair to strengthen and revitalize the hair's structure.
  • Color Retention: For those who have color-treated hair, Glynt also offers shampoos that are specially formulated to preserve color intensity and prevent fading.

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