Glynt Mangala

Glynt Mangala

Color refresher to preserve the color intensity and protect the hair.

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Glynt Mangala: Hair color refresher treatment for color retention

The Glynt Mangala range is a line of high-quality, semi-permanent hair colors designed to nourish hair while delivering intense color results. This range includes a variety of vibrant shades that can transform hair with vibrant and long-lasting color. The formulations are free from ammonia and oxidizing agents, making them gentle on the hair.

The Glynt Mangala hair colors contain a unique blend of nourishing ingredients such as panthenol and wheat proteins that help to strengthen and protect the hair. These ingredients have a moisturizing and revitalizing effect to keep the hair healthy and shiny while the color is applied at the same time. This makes the Mangala range particularly gentle on the hair and is also suitable for sensitive or damaged hair.

The colors in the Glynt Mangala range are intermixable, which allows for limitless creativity and individual color nuances and effects can be achieved. This allows the hairdresser to create tailor-made color solutions for every customer request and create unique looks. From vibrant rainbow colors to subtle pastel shades, the Mangala range offers a variety of options to enhance any hair style.

In addition, Glynt Mangala hair colors are characterized by their easy application and even distribution in the hair. The creamy consistency allows for precise application and even color distribution for a professional result. The colors adhere well to the hair and achieve intense color results that last a long time and do not fade.

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