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Glynt Nutri

Hair care range to intensively nourish dry and damaged hair and give it deep nourishment and a healthy shine.

Glynt Nutri for dry, damaged hair

This product line is ideal for dry, damaged or chemically treated hair, as it aims to provide the hair with important nutrients and regenerate it.

The key features of the Glynt Nutri range include:

  • Rich nutrients: The products contain high-quality ingredients such as oils, proteins and vitamins that deeply nourish and strengthen the hair.
  • Intensive moisturizing care: The Nutri range aims to intensively moisturize the hair to make it soft, supple and manageable.
  • Regeneration and protection: These products not only help to improve hair quality immediately, but also help to protect hair from further damage in the long term.
  • Product variety: The range can include shampoos, conditioners, hair masks and oils, all of which are designed to intensively nourish and regenerate the hair.
  • Suitable for damaged hair: Glynt Nutri is particularly suitable for people with dry, damaged hair or hair damaged by frequent styling and chemical treatments.

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