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Glynt Styling

Glynt Styling includes a range of hair styling products to shape the hair, add texture and fix hairstyles.

  • Style Effect Series to achieve targeted styling effects by shaping the hair, adding texture and supporting the desired look
  • Dry Texture Styling products to give texture and fullness to the hair without weighing it down, for voluminous and structured hairstyles.
  • Blowdry / Airdry Products to let the hair dry during blow drying or air drying by providing heat protection and facilitating styling.
  • Smoothing Styling range to smooth unruly hair, reduce frizz and promote a smooth, supple texture
  • Curls Styling products to define curls, tame them and give them a long-lasting shape and structure.
  • Sprays Hairspray products to fix the styling and give hold and long-lasting shine to hairstyles.

Glynt styling for the perfect look

Glynt offers a variety of styling products, including hair sprays, gels, waxes, serums and more. These products are designed to shape hair, add texture, set styles and create a specific look.

Some of Glynt's commonly used styling products include:

  • Hair sprays: These products help to set the hairstyle and give it hold and volume. They can have different levels of hold depending on your needs, from light hold to strong hold.
    • Gels: Hair gel is used to shape, smooth or structure the hair. It can be applied to wet or dry hair and often provides a strong hold.
    • Waxes and pomades: These products are often used to create texture and definition. They can be available for matte or glossy finishes and are well suited to short to medium-length hairstyles.
    • Serums and creams: These styling products are used to combat frizz, add shine and condition the hair. They are particularly useful for dry or frizzy hair.

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