Glynt Trijuven

Glynt Trijuven

Series for intensive regeneration and care for severely stressed and damaged hair with innovative active ingredients that aim to restore and strengthen the hair structure.

Glynt Trijuven for intensive hair regeneration

This product line is aimed at people whose hair has been severely damaged by chemical treatments, heat styling or environmental influences and needs deep restoration.

The main features of the Glynt Trijuven range are:

  • Intensive regeneration: The products in the Trijuven range are designed to repair and rebuild the hair from the inside out. They often contain highly effective ingredients that strengthen the hair and improve its structure.
  • Restoring hair health: The aim is to make damaged hair healthy, strong and supple again. The formulations can help to restore the hair's natural elasticity and shine.
  • Innovative active ingredients: Glynt Trijuven can use advanced technologies and active ingredients to repair and nourish the hair fibers in a targeted manner.
  • Application for severely damaged hair: This range is particularly suitable for people whose hair has been severely damaged by coloring, bleaching, perming or frequent heat styling.

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