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Glynt Volume

Care to give fine hair more volume, body and structure

Glynt Volume for fine hair

This product line is particularly aimed at people with fine, thin or limp hair who want to increase the volume of their hair.

The key features of the Glynt Volume range are:

  • Volume-enhancing ingredients: the products often contain ingredients that help to lift the hair and give it a lighter, more voluminous texture. These can include natural extracts or special polymers that do not weigh the hair down.
  • Lightweight formulas: Formulations are usually designed to not weigh hair down. This is important so as not to deprive fine or thin hair of the lightness required for natural volume.
  • Product variety: The Volume range can include different types of products such as volume shampoos, conditioners, hairsprays, mousses and other styling products.
  • Improving the hair structure: In addition to the volume effect, these products also aim to strengthen the hair and improve its overall structure.

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