Goldwell is a well-known brand for professional hair care products, characterized by high-quality ingredients, innovative technologies and first-class results. With a wide range of hair care products, color products and styling products, Goldwell offers solutions for every hair type and styling need, while the continuous development of innovative technologies ensures gentle color results and intensive hair care.

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200 items

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2,435 ★★★★★ (as of 10.04.2024)

Goldwell enjoys a wealth of positive reviews that underline its position as a leading brand in the hair care industry. The overwhelming approval of customers is based on the outstanding quality of its products and exceptional performance in the hair salon. In particular, customers praise the effectiveness of Goldwell products in helping to keep hair looking healthy and conditioned, as well as the long-lasting results they achieve. The brand is appreciated for its innovative formulas and technologies, which have been specially developed to meet the individual needs of different hair types.

In addition, the wide range of color and care products is perceived as particularly positive by customers, as it offers a variety of solutions for different hair problems. The use of high-quality ingredients and the continuous research and development behind each product are further aspects that strengthen customers' trust in the brand. Overall, Goldwell is seen by its customers as a reliable partner for first-class hair care and innovative hairdressing services.

Frequently asked questions about Goldwell

What products does Goldwell offer for colored hair?

Goldwell offers a variety of products specifically for color-treated hair, including shampoos, conditioners, masks and styling products. These products are designed to maintain color intensity, condition hair and enhance shine.

How can I protect my hair from color fade?

Goldwell has developed a range of color care products to help maintain color vibrancy and minimize fading. These include special shampoos and conditioners for colored hair as well as leave-in treatments and UV protection products.

What hair colors does Goldwell offer and how long do they last?

Goldwell offers a wide range of hair colors in various shades and formulations. The durability of the color depends on various factors, including hair type, hair structure and care after coloring. However, Goldwell colors generally last a long time and offer intense results.

Are Goldwell products suitable for sensitive scalps?

Yes, many Goldwell products are suitable for sensitive scalps. The formulations are often dermatologically tested and contain mild ingredients that are gentle and soothing to the scalp.

Are there special Goldwell products for curly hair?

Yes, Goldwell offers products specifically for curly hair that help to define curls, reduce frizz and improve bounce. These include curl creams, sprays and gels that moisturize the hair and create a defined curl look.

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