Goldwell Dualsenses Sun

Goldwell Dualsenses Sun

The Goldwell Dualsenses Sun range offers targeted hair care for sun-exposed hair, protects against UV rays, chlorine and salt water and preserves hair color and health.

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Goldwell Dualsenses Sun for sun-exposed hair

The Goldwell Dualsenses Sun range offers special care products for sun-exposed hair that protect it from the damaging effects of UV rays, chlorine and salt water. With a unique combination of ingredients such as passion fruit extract and sunflower oil, the products nourish the hair intensively, moisturize and prevent hair color fading.

The range includes shampoos, conditioners and sprays that gently cleanse, detangle and moisturize the hair. The special formula helps to strengthen the hair and protect it from drying out due to sunlight and chemical influences. In addition, the products ensure that the hair remains supple and has a healthy shine, while at the same time protecting it from color loss and damage caused by external influences.

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