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Goldwell offers a wide range of high-quality hair colors, tints and bleaches that impress with innovative technologies and first-class results. From vibrant colors to natural shades, Goldwell offers professional products for every individual style and hair type.

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32 items

32 items

Goldwell hair color, tinting and bleaching: innovation and variety

Goldwell is known for its high-quality hair color products that cover a wide range of color shades and techniques. Their hair colour products include permanent, semi-permanent and temporary colors as well as lighteners and tints that allow hairdressers to create individual looks and personalize their clients' hair color. The permanent hair color offers long-lasting color results with a variety of vibrant and natural shades, while the semi-permanent color is a gentler option for hair coloring and is ideal for refreshing hair color. Temporary hair color offers a temporary color change that washes out easily and is great for experimental looks. In addition, Goldwell offers a range of lighteners and tints that allow hairdressers to lighten hair and add subtle shades without changing the hair texture too much.

For hairdressers looking for premium bleaching results, Goldwell offers a range of high quality bleaching products. Their bleaches are known for their gentle formula that protects the hair during the bleaching process while providing optimal lightening. From gentle lighteners for natural blonde tones to powerful bleaches for intense lightening results, Goldwell offers a variety of options for different bleaching techniques and results. Their bleaching products are also known for their even color development and gentle formula that protects hair from damage caused by the bleaching process and ensures healthy-looking, radiant blonde hair.

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