K18 - Hair like new in 4 minutes!


Advanced hair care brand known for its innovative peptide technology that repairs and renews damaged hair at a molecular level. With a focus on science-based hair regeneration, K18 offers products that penetrate deep into the hair to sustainably improve strength, elasticity and overall appearance.

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8 items

8 items

K18: Revolution in hair repair with peptide technology

K18 is a hair care brand characterized by its innovative peptide technology, which has been specially developed to repair and renew damaged hair at a molecular level. The company's flagship product is the K18 Leave-In Molecular Repair Hair Mask, a product that promises to deliver lasting results in just four minutes without weighing hair down or compromising its natural texture.

K18's mode of action is based on a patented peptide, a biomimetic that replicates and repairs the hair's polypeptide chains. This peptide penetrates the innermost layers of the hair to restore and strengthen broken disulfide bonds caused by chemical treatments, heat and mechanical damage. The result is a visible and tangible restoration of hair strength, elasticity and shine.

K18 products are designed to be effective for both professional salon treatments and home use. They are suitable for all hair types and hair damage, from mild to severe cases. The brand has made a name for itself for its effectiveness and fast results and is appreciated by both hairdressers and end users. K18 emphasizes the importance of science in hair care and is an example of how innovative research can lead directly to the development of products that make profound and lasting changes to hair.

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