Kérastase Discipline

Kérastase Discipline

Hair care line specifically designed for frizzy and unruly hair. This range of products aims to control frizz, smooth hair structure and give hair softness and control. Discipline products are designed to tame frizzy hair while providing moisture and shine.

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Kérastase Discipline for unruly hair

Kérastase Discipline is a specially developed hair care range aimed at taming, smoothing and disciplining unruly and frizz-prone hair. This range is designed to strengthen, smooth and give hair a sleek and controlled appearance. Here is some important information about Kérastase Discipline:

Target group and hair type: the products in the Discipline range are specially designed for people with unruly, frizz-prone and unmanageable hair. They are particularly suitable for people who want to smooth, tame and control their hair to give it a smooth and controlled appearance.

Active ingredients and technologies: Discipline products contain a special formula with Morpho-Keratin Complex, which helps to strengthen and smooth the hair. This formula helps to smooth the hair surface, reduce frizz and control the hair without weighing it down.

Product lines and application: The Discipline range includes a variety of products including shampoos, conditioners, hair masks, leave-in creams and styling products. Each product is designed to strengthen, smooth and control the hair to give it a smooth and controlled appearance. Products are applied according to need and hair type.

Objectives and results: Discipline products aim to tame, smooth and discipline unruly and frizz-prone hair to give it a smooth and controlled look. They help to reduce frizz, smooth the hair and give it a natural and long-lasting hold. After regular use, the products can result in smooth, sleek and controlled hair.

Professional recommendation: Kérastase Discipline products are recommended by hairdressers and hair experts worldwide and are considered an effective solution for unruly and frizz-prone hair. With their high-quality formulations and innovative technologies, they offer professional hair care at home to strengthen, smooth and discipline the hair, giving it a smooth and controlled appearance.

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