Kérastase Resistance Force

Kérastase Résistance Force Highlights

Not only fine, sensitive hair can break quickly and get split ends. Even naturally thick hair does not resist all the hardships it is exposed to. Often external influences such as heat, bleaching, coloring or other chemical treatments are at fault.

In order to repair and regenerate the damaged hair, the Kérastase Résistance product family helps to rebuild the inner hair substance and make every single hair more resistant. Kérastase distinguishes the degree of damage, whether hair is only slightly or very heavily damaged structure.

If slightly damaged, the hair should be gentle cleaned with the Bain Force Architecte and then conditioned with the Ciment Anti-Usure. The daily conditioner is particularly important for damaged hair, as it closes the cuticle of hair and makes it more resistant to external influences. The Masque Force Architecte should be used after about every 3rd hair wash instead of Ciment Anti-Usure. This ensures an even more intensive care effect. If you frequently use thermal devices such as hair dryer, curling irons or straighteners, you are well advised to use heat protection. The Ciment Thermique hair care is activated by heat and simultaneously repairs damaged areas. If you can do without heat styling, the 2-phase Fiber Architecte serum is sufficient to protect lengths and tips.

The most intensive structure is obtained with the Kérastase Résistance Thérapiste products which are suitable for very damaged hair. Unusually, here is the first step which does not start with a shampoo but with a pre-wash care cream, the Soin Premier Thérapiste. The cream is incorporated into the damp hair before shampooing and then shampooed with the Bain Thérapiste. Alternatively, the Soin Premier Thérapiste can also be used as a normal post-shampoo conditioner to help unravel the hair. The Masque Thérapiste is especially important for severely damaged hair because it repairs and nourishes hair even more intensively. Who needs even more structure and protection in the lengths, will be very satisfied with the Serum Thérapiste. The 2-phase texture of oil and cream protects hair from the effects of heat up to 230 ° C and significantly reduces the blow-dry time.