Kevin Murphy

Kevin Murphy

Die Produktpalette umfasst eine Vielzahl von Shampoos, Conditionern, Stylingprodukten und Behandlungen, die auf spezifische Haartypen und -bedürfnisse abgestimmt sind. Kevin Murphy legt großen Wert auf Nachhaltigkeit und Umweltschutz, was sich in der umweltfreundlichen Verpackung und der Verwendung von Inhaltsstoffen widerspiegelt, die sowohl für das Haar als auch für die Umwelt schonend sind.

  • Styling Diverse range of hair styling products to create different hairstyles and bring hair into shape
  • Hydrate.Me Hair care series to intensively moisturize dry and dehydrated hair to make it look supple and healthy again.
  • Angel Care for fine and thin hair and gives it volume, fullness and at the same time a gentle care
  • Plumping Series to add volume and fullness to fine or thinning hair while supporting hair health
  • Blonde.Angel Series specifically for blonde, platinum blonde or gray hair to neutralize the yellow tint and make the hair look radiant and well-groomed
  • Everlasting Colour Hair care to protect colored hair, keep the color fresh and vibrant longer while providing shine and smoothness
  • Colouring.Angel Care to lighten blond and gray hair, neutralize unwanted yellow tones while providing smoothness and shine.
  • Repair.Me Care series to repair, moisturize and restore strength and vitality to damaged hair.
  • Young.Again Care to revitalize dry, brittle hair and give it a youthful appearance by moisturizing and nourishing it
  • Smooth.Again Hair care to smooth and tame unruly and frizzy hair, making it smoother and shinier
  • Killer Curls Product line especially for curly hair to define, tame and care for curls
  • Blow Dry Series to optimally prepare the hair for blow drying and styling, giving a long-lasting and professional result.
  • Scalp Spa Care line to promote scalp health by providing gentle and effective solutions to cleanse, nourish and soothe the scalp.
  • Balancing Shampoo to restore the balance of the scalp and soothe and nourish hair and scalp.
  • Maxi Deep cleansing shampoo to deeply cleanse hair and remove product residue and buildup while soothing the scalp
  • Men Product line specifically for men, offering high quality hair and grooming products.

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Kevin Murphy is a well-known brand for professional hair care products that specializes in high-quality and environmentally friendly products. Founded by Australian stylist Kevin Murphy, the brand has made a name for itself in the beauty industry and is known for its innovative formulations and natural ingredients. The products are made without harmful chemicals and are cruelty-free.

Is Kevin Murphy hair care good?

Hair care products from Kevin Murphy are generally regarded as high quality and effective and are appreciated by many people.The product quality regularly receives positive feedback and the brand has a considerable following, including numerous celebrities who are convinced of the results and effectiveness of the products.

The product range from Kevin Murphy is extremely diverse and offers solutions for different hair types and needs. These include shampoos, conditioners, styling products and hair masks. Each product is carefully formulated to achieve optimal results while promoting the health and beauty of the hair.

A striking feature is the commitment to sustainability and environmental protection. The brand uses recyclable packaging and relies on renewable energy sources in production to minimize its environmental footprint. This is also reflected in the use of natural ingredients that have less impact on the environment.

Some of the most popular product lines from Kevin Murphy are:

  • "Angel": This line is specially designed for fine and thin hair and gives it volume and body.
  • "Hydrate Me": Dry hair benefits from this range, which moisturizes and makes it silky smooth.
  • "Plumping": If you have thin hair and are looking for natural ways to thicken it, this product line is ideal.
  • "Smooth Again": Here you will find products that fight frizz and make your hair supple and smooth.

Kevin Murphy is a brand that stands for quality, environmental awareness and style. The products are available in many hair salons and online and offer a luxurious hair care experience for all those who strive for healthy and beautiful hair.

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