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Kevin Murphy

The product selection includes a variety of shampoos, conditioners, styling products and treatments tailored to specific hair types and needs. Kevin Murphy places great importance on sustainability and environmental protection, which is reflected in the eco-friendly packaging and the use of ingredients that are kind to both the hair and the environment.

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The Kevin Murphy brand

Kevin Murphy is a leading brand in the hair care industry, known for its high quality products and environmentally conscious philosophy. The brand was founded in 2004 by award-winning Australian hairdresser Kevin Murphy, who has a passion for innovation and sustainability in hair care. With a clear focus on quality and effectiveness, Kevin Murphy has quickly made a name for himself in the industry.

Kevin Murphy's philosophy is based on the idea that beauty and environmental sustainability can go hand in hand. The brand is committed to sustainability and environmental protection, using only the highest quality ingredients and essential oils to nourish hair and give it a healthy appearance. Kevin Murphy is also proud to be certified cruelty-free and committed to protecting animals and the environment.

The Kevin Murphy product line includes a wide range of hair care products, including shampoos, conditioners, hair treatments, styling products and more. Each product is carefully formulated to meet the needs of different hair types and conditions. The products are free of harsh chemicals such as sulfates, parabens and silicones and instead contain natural ingredients that gently cleanse, condition and revitalize hair.

What sets Kevin Murphy apart from other brands is its continuous innovation and commitment to developing new products that are at the cutting edge of technology. The brand invests in research and development to continually create new formulations and technologies that revolutionize hair care. Kevin Murphy regularly launches new products that meet the needs of customers and help them care for their hair in a healthy and environmentally friendly way.

The Kevin Murphy product types


Kevin Murphy shampoos offer gentle cleansing and are free from harsh chemicals such as sulphates, parabens and silicones, making them ideal for regular use. The formulations contain high quality ingredients such as essential oils and botanical extracts that gently cleanse and leave hair looking healthy.

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Kevin Murphy conditioners are specially formulated to nourish and strengthen hair. They contain moisturizing ingredients such as argan oil, coconut oil and shea butter to smooth, detangle and soften hair. The conditioners can be customized for different hair types and conditions, helping to revitalize hair and give it a shiny appearance.

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Hair treatments

Kevin Murphy hair treatments are intensive conditioning treatments that help to repair, strengthen and revitalize hair. They are formulated with high-quality ingredients that penetrate deep into the hair fiber and nourish the hair from the inside out. The hair treatments can be used as needed to address specific hair issues and achieve optimal results.

Hair Oil

Kevin Murphy also offers hair oils that moisturize and smooth the hair without weighing it down. These oils can be used on damp or dry hair to add shine and reduce frizz. They often contain natural oils such as argan oil, jojoba oil and macadamia nut oil, which nourish the hair and give it a healthy appearance.

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Dry shampoo

For those who suffer from oily hair or want to freshen up between washes, Kevin Murphy also offers dry shampoos. These products help to absorb excess oil and refresh the hair without washing it. They leave no sticky or white residue and give hair a clean and voluminous look.

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Heat Protection

Kevin Murphy offers heat protection products to protect against heat damage during styling. These products form a protective barrier around the hair, protecting it from the damaging effects of heat from styling tools such as blow dryers, straighteners and curling irons. They contain active ingredients that protect the hair from dehydration and damage caused by high temperatures and give it a healthy appearance.

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Leave-In Products

Kevin Murphy leave-in products are lightweight formulations that are applied to the hair and left in place to moisturize, reduce frizz and smooth the hair. They can be used to protect the hair before styling or to provide extra care between washes. The leave-in products leave the hair soft, smooth and easy to comb.


For long-lasting styling, Kevin Murphy also offers hairsprays that are suitable for different needs, from light hold to strong hold. These sprays set the hair without sticking or weighing it down, while providing flexibility and natural movement. They are ideal for finishing hairstyles and keep hair looking perfect all day long.

Kevin Murphy for different hair types

For damaged hair

For people with damaged hair, the brand offers a range of care products that aim to repair and revitalize the hair. These products contain high-quality ingredients that help to strengthen and revitalize damaged hair by moisturizing, improving the hair structure and protecting the hair from further damage.

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For blonde hair

For blonde hair, Kevin Murphy offers a range of products that aim to refresh the color, neutralize unwanted tones and condition the hair. These products can help to reduce yellow tones and give blonde hair a cool, radiant shine. They often contain purple pigments that help to neutralize unwanted brassy tones and leave hair looking radiant and healthy.

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For dry hair

For dry hair, Kevin Murphy offers a range of moisturizing products that can help to hydrate and condition the hair. These products contain ingredients such as natural oils and botanical extracts that help to retain moisture in the hair and reduce dryness. They can make the hair soft, supple and easy to comb and give it a healthy appearance.

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For colored hair

Colored hair needs special care to maintain its color and protect it from damage. Kevin Murphy offers a variety of products specifically formulated for color-treated hair that can help refresh and maintain color. These products contain ingredients that nourish and protect the hair while keeping the color from fading.

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For curly hair

For curly hair, Kevin Murphy offers products that can help define curls, reduce frizz and condition the hair. These products contain ingredients that moisturize and smooth hair while supporting the natural texture of curls. They can help to tame the hair and give it a defined, shiny appearance.

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For fine hair

People with fine hair can benefit from products that help to create volume and fullness without weighing the hair down. Kevin Murphy offers a range of products specifically designed for fine hair that can help strengthen, thicken and condition hair. These products contain lightweight formulations that do not weigh the hair down and can give it a voluminous, fuller appearance.

To the range for fine hair: Kevin Murphy Angel >

For irritated scalps

A sensitive or irritated scalp can cause discomfort and require special care. Kevin Murphy offers products that aim to soothe and condition the scalp by gently cleansing and containing soothing ingredients. These products can help to reduce itching and irritation and keep the scalp healthy and balanced.

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