Kevin Murphy Balancing

Kevin Murphy Balancing

Shampoo to restore the balance of the scalp and to soothe and care for the hair and more

Kevin Murphy Balancing for gentle cleansing

The Kevin Murphy "Balancing" series is a line of hair care products specifically designed to restore the natural balance of the hair and scalp. This range is ideal for people who suffer from an unbalanced scalp or are looking for gentle but effective care for their hair.

Kevin Murphy's 'Balancing' range includes a variety of products including shampoos, conditioners and treatments designed to soothe, nourish and revitalize the scalp. Formulations are often enriched with soothing and balancing ingredients such as aloe vera, green tea and chamomile, which can help soothe irritation and soothe the scalp.

A key element of the "Balancing" series is its ability to thoroughly cleanse the scalp and hair without irritating or drying it out. The products gently remove buildup, excess oil and dirt particles from the scalp while moisturizing and maintaining a healthy balance.

In addition, the range also offers targeted treatments for various scalp problems such as dryness, flakiness and sensitivity. These products contain powerful ingredients like salicylic acid, zinc pyrithione, and essential oils that can help alleviate these issues and improve the appearance of the scalp.

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