Kevin Murphy Plumping

Kevin Murphy Plumping

Series to add volume and fullness to fine or thinning hair while supporting hair health.

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Kevin Murphy Plumping for thinning hair

The Kevin Murphy "Plumping" range is a specially developed line of hair care products aimed at adding fullness and volume to fine or thin hair. Formulated with high-quality ingredients, these products aim to strengthen, nourish and give hair a voluminous appearance.

The "Plumping.Wash" shampoo is a volume-enhancing cleansing formula that thoroughly cleanses the hair while building volume. Enriched with ginger root extract and millet extract, this shampoo stimulates the scalp and promotes blood circulation, resulting in a stronger and healthier hair structure. It gives the hair fullness and volume without weighing it down and makes it easier to comb.

The "Plumping.Rinse" conditioner is a light yet moisturizing formula that detangles hair and adds volume. Enriched with rice protein and vitamin B5, this conditioner strengthens hair and gives it body and bounce. It gives hair shine and suppleness without weighing it down and improves combability.

The "Plumping.Line" products can be used together to achieve optimal results and add volume to fine hair. The products in this range are sulfate- and paraben-free formulas and are therefore also suitable for those who are sensitive to certain ingredients. With the "Plumping" range from Kevin Murphy, you can add fullness and volume to fine hair while strengthening and nourishing it at the same time.

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