L'Oréal Serie Expert Vitamino Color

L'Oréal Serie Expert Vitamino Color

Hair care range to protect colored hair, preserve color intensity while giving it shine and suppleness.

L'Oréal Serie Expert Vitamino Color for colored hair

L'Oréal Professionnel Série Expert Vitamino Color is a line of products specifically designed to care and protect color-treated hair. This line offers a range of products to maintain color intensity, protect hair while providing moisture and shine.

Here are some detailed aspects of the Vitamino Color series:

  • Color protection and enhancement: The products in the Vitamino Color series are designed to preserve the vibrancy of hair color and prevent premature fading. They contain special ingredients that help lock in the color pigments in the hair and prolong the color brilliance.
  • Moisturization and care: In addition to protecting the hair color, these products also provide intensive moisturization. They help smooth the hair structure, moisturize and give the hair a healthy, shiny look.
  • Formulations with advanced technologies: The Vitamino Color series uses advanced formulations rich in antioxidants and protective ingredients. These help protect the hair from external influences such as UV rays and air pollution, which can affect the color.
  • Product variety: The series includes a range of products such as protective shampoo, conditioner, hair masks and leave-in treatments. Each product is tailored to optimally care for and protect color-treated hair.
  • Maintaining hair health: By using these products, the hair is not only protected in its color but also supported in its health. The products aim to strengthen the hair structure and protect it from damage.
  • Suitable for all types of color treated hair: Whether it is a full color, highlights or balayage, Vitamino Color products are suitable for all types of color treatments and ensure that the hair color remains vibrant and radiant.

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