L'Oréal Serie Expert Volumetry

L'Oréal Serie Expert Volumetry

Series to give fine hair more volume, strengthen it and at the same time provide fullness and suppleness.

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L'Oréal Serie Expert Volumetry for more volume for fine hair

L'Oréal Professionnel Série Expert Volumetry is a line to give volume and fullness to fine and limp hair. This product range is designed to lift the hair structure from the root while nourishing the hair without weighing it down.

Here are some detailed aspects of the Volumetry series:

  • Volume promotion: The main function of Volumetry products is to give visible volume and fullness to fine and thin hair. They work to lift hair at the root and support a fuller, thicker appearance.
  • Lightweight formulations: The products are specially formulated to not weigh down the hair. This is essential for maintaining volume, as heavier products can tend to weigh down fine hair and make it appear limp.
  • Volume and conditioning ingredients: The range often contains ingredients such as salicylic acid, which helps remove buildup at the hairline and relieves pressure on the hair roots, and HydraLight, which moisturizes without weighing down the hair.
  • Product variety: The Volumetry series includes a range of products including volume shampoos, conditioners, sprays and serums. These products are designed to work together to cleanse, condition and add volume to hair.
  • Application for fine hair: While the range is specifically designed for fine and thin hair, it can also be suitable for other hair types that need extra volume.
  • Anti-gravity effect: Many products in the series aim to create an "anti-gravity effect" that helps keep hair airy and voluminous for longer periods of time.

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