Moroccanoil Volume

Moroccanoil Volume

Series to give fine and limp hair more volume, body and texture without weighing it down.

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Moroccanoil Volume: strength and fullness for fine hair

Moroccanoil Volume is a range of products to add volume and body to fine and limp hair. This range combines the nourishing properties of argan oil with other volumizing ingredients to give hair more body and movement without weighing it down.

Here are some in-depth details of the Moroccanoil Volume range:

  • Volumizing ingredients: products in the Volume range contain special volumizing ingredients that lift hair from the root. These include lightweight formulations that do not weigh the hair down, leaving it full and airy.
  • Argan oil as a key ingredient: As with other Moroccanoil products, argan oil is a key ingredient in the Volume range. It provides intensive care and shine while nourishing and protecting the hair.
  • Product range for volume: The range includes various products such as volumizing shampoo, conditioner, mousse, hairspray and root boost. These products work together to give fine hair more volume and texture.
  • Light texture: The products in the Volume range are formulated to have a light texture that does not weigh the hair down. They are ideal for daily use to add volume and body to fine hair.
  • For fine and limp hair: The Volume range is specially formulated to meet the needs of fine and limp hair to give it a healthy, voluminous appearance.
  • Improving hair health: As well as increasing volume, the products also help to improve overall hair health. They moisturize the hair without weighing it down and protect it from environmental influences.
  • Pleasant fragrance: The products in the Moroccanoil Volume range are also known for their characteristic, pleasant fragrance, which makes using them a luxurious experience.

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