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How does Olaplex work?

Olaplex products contain an innovative, unique active ingredient that rebuilds severely damaged hair. If the hair is severely strained during a colour treatment or styling, disulfide bridges in the hair are broken. The Olaplex formula repairs these broken areas and strengthens the hair with lasting effect.

The Olaplex system consists of a total of seven products, numbered from No. 1 to No. 7. Olaplex No. 1 & 2 are salon-exclusive products, which are only applied as part of a treatment by the hairdresser. Among other things, they are added to blonding, foil strands, dyeing or tinting. These two cannot be ordered online, as special training for the user is required. You can order Olaplex No. 3 to 7 from us, individually or in cheaper sets. We will present the products of Olaplex one after the other:

Olaplex No. 5 is the Bond Maintenance Conditioner, which - as the name suggests - supports the shampoo in a special way. It moisturizes the hair without weighing it down. It also repairs damage and prevents split ends. Olaplex No. 5 rounds off the repair and hair care for home.

  • conditioner for daily use
  • vegan, free from sulphates, parabens and gluten
  • 3 to 5 minutes soaking time, then rinse

If the previous stages have been repeatedly washed out, Olaplex No. 6 will remain in the hair as a leave-in styling. The so-called Bond Smoother provides intensive moisture and prevents frizz for up to 72 hours. Dry lengths and tips will thank you for using Olaplex No. 6.

  • Leave-In Styling Cream
  • vegan, free from sulphates, parabens and gluten
  • Remains in hair

The treatment is finalized and perfected with Olaplex No. 7, the Bonding Oil. The hair oil also uses the patented formula to create a special level of shine and suppleness. It supports the previous products in strengthening the hair structure and avoiding frizz.

  • Styling oil for daily use
  • applicable in dry or damp hair, do not wash out
  • vegan, free from parabens, sulphates and alcohol, Cruelty-free

Anja about Olaplex No. 4

"I have been using the shampoo for about 2 months and still have the first bottle.
Actually I have very greasy hair very quickly, but since I have been using it I have to wash my hair every 3-4 days, and I don't need a large amount of the product. I am very satisfied!"

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Ramona about Olaplex No. 5

"I regularly have my hair blonded. My hairdresser recommended the application with Olaplex in the salon and I was thrilled! There was significantly less hair breakage and my hair still looked healthy and well cared for after bleaching. When Olaplex brought out the shampoo and conditioner, I ordered them immediately and I am also very satisfied with them and round off the application at the hairdresser perfectly! The price is quite high, but the conditioner is very economical and lasts a long time! I don't use any other."

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Valerie about Olaplex No. 6

"I love Olaplex, I am completely addicted to the products and I am so glad that there is finally a leave-in product. I use the combination of shampoo, conditioner and bond smoother and I find it makes the hair lighter and shinier (but without being greasy). The only thing that I think is a pity is the size of the package, for 100 ml I find almost 30 Euro a lot of money, especially if you get for example at Kérastase just as good Leave-In care creams for a lower price with much more content. Therefore I use the cream very sparingly and use Kérastase Nutritive or Resistance as an alternative."

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Nicole about Olaplex No. 7

"The oil gives a great and long-lasting shine. But I think that's just a visual effect and not really a maintenance. Of course the hair looks beautiful... But after washing it's all gone. Quasi makeup for the hair."

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Date: 08.07.2020

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