Paul Mitchell Extra Body

The Paul Mitchell Extra Body Series

The dream of hair with an amazing body ...... Do you have that too? Then do not just dream, but put your dream into action! The products of the Paul Mitchell Extra-Body series conjure great volume and powerful fullness into sagging, tired hair.

Paul Mitchell Extra-Body Highlights

With Paul Mitchell Extra Body many ways to dream come true thanks to a multitude of volume products. In any case you should start with the Extra-Body Daily Shampoo  and the Extra-Body Daily Rinse . Then you can choose to get more fullness with the Extra Body Sculpting Gel , the Extra Body Daily Boost  or the Extra Body Sculpting Foam . We recommend you to apply the products into towel dried hair in order to be able to achieve a maximum result with the hair dryer heat. For even more body and hold, apply Paul Mitchell Extra Body Finishing Spray  (strong hold) or Paul Mitchell Extra Body Firm Finishing Spray  (very strong hold) on dry hair.
So your hair with an amazing body will be no longer a dream - try it!