Paul Mitchell Super Strong

The Paul Mitchell Super Strong series

With damaged hair only one thing helps: hair off ........ Many think that, but they do not know the products of Paul Mitchell Super Strong. The Super Strong series rescue splintery and brittle hair and helps it to a new appearance. Even with the first application, damaged hair looks much healthier and stronger.

Paul Mitchell Strength Highlights

Wash your hair with the gentle Paul Mitchell Super Strong Daily Shampoo  and seal hair surface with the Paul Mitchell Super Strong Daily Conditioner . Thus, your hair is already built up and fortified from the inside. A contained UV protection is responsible for the defense against harmful sun rays. After approx. 3-4 washes you should treat your hair with the Super Strong Treatment , which significantly improves the elasticity of each individual hair and thus makes it more resistant to external influences. The Paul Mitchell Super Strong Liquid Treatment , which seals split ends with its unique formulation, adds extra daily care. The leave-in care stays in your hair and is not rinsed out.