Paul Mitchell Super Strong

Paul Mitchell Super Strong

The Paul Mitchell Super Strong range offers a comprehensive solution for damaged hair by strengthening and repairing it from within. With highly effective formulas containing proteins and nourishing ingredients, it helps reduce breakage and split ends and gives hair more resilience.

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Paul Mitchell Super Strong for damaged hair

The Paul Mitchell Super Strong range is designed to strengthen and repair damaged hair. With a powerful formulation containing proteins and conditioning agents such as keratin, panthenol and wheat protein, this range helps to strengthen and regenerate hair from the inside out. The products in this range aim to improve the hair structure, reduce breakage and split ends and give the hair more resilience.

Paul Mitchell's Super Strong range offers a wide range of products, including shampoo, conditioner, hair treatments and styling products, all of which help to strengthen and protect the hair. The highly effective formulations gently cleanse and moisturize the hair while strengthening it to make it more resistant to external influences such as heat and chemical treatments.

Regular use of the Super Strong products can make hair noticeably healthier and more resistant, so that it is better able to withstand external stresses. The range is particularly suitable for people with damaged or stressed hair due to frequent heat styling, chemical treatments or environmental influences, and it helps to strengthen the hair and restore its natural beauty.

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