Plantur 21 und Plantur 39

Plantur 21 und Plantur 39

Plantur 21 is a hair care range designed specifically for younger women to counteract stress-related hair loss and hair damage caused by styling, using nourishing ingredients such as caffeine, biotin and micronutrients. Plantur 39, on the other hand, targets women over 40 and combats hormonal hair loss that occurs during menopause with a phyto-caffeine complex that promotes hair growth and reduces the effect of testosterone on the hair roots. Both product lines offer shampoos, conditioners and tonics designed to strengthen hair, reduce hair loss and support hair health at different stages of life.

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10 items

10 items

Highly effective care against hair loss with Plantur 21 and Plantur 39

Plantur 21 and Plantur 39 are two special product lines that are geared towards the different needs of hair in different phases of a woman's life. Both lines aim to combat hair loss and hair thinning, but focus on different causes and types of care.

Plantur 21:

  • Target group and focus: Plantur 21 is aimed primarily at younger women and focuses on promoting hair growth and strengthening the hair roots, particularly in cases of stress-related hair loss or hair damage caused by frequent styling.
  • Active ingredients: The products contain a nutrient complex that includes caffeine, biotin, zinc, niacin and other micronutrients to support hair growth and strengthen the hair roots.
  • Product range: Plantur 21 offers shampoos, conditioners and elixirs that are specially designed to nourish the hair roots and make the hair stronger and more resistant.
  • Use on young hair: The products are ideal for younger hair that is affected by external stress factors such as styling or unhealthy lifestyle habits.

Plantur 39:

  • Target group and focus: Plantur 39 is specifically designed for women over 40 and aims to counteract hormonal hair loss that often occurs during menopause.
  • Active ingredients: This line is based on a phyto-caffeine complex that supports hair growth directly at the root. The complex helps to reduce the effects of testosterone on hair growth, one of the main factors in hair loss during menopause.
  • Product range: Plantur 39 also offers shampoos, conditioners and tonics that have been specially developed to slow down hair loss and improve the hair structure of mature hair.
  • Use on mature hair: The products are ideal for mature hair that is affected by hormonal changes during and after the menopause.

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