Redken All Soft

Redken All Soft Series

Is your hair very dry, brittle and fragile? Are you lacking suppleness and shine? Then the All Soft Series from Redken is just right for you. High-quality argan oil nourishes the hair silky soft and makes it shine intensively. The moisture balance is optimally balanced and silky amino acids strengthen hair. The All Soft Shampoo and the All Soft Conditioner are the most popular care combination at Redken.

For particularly dry and rather thick hair, we recommend to work the Redken All Soft Argan-6 Oil into the lengths and tips daily as intensive care. Hair should be pampered every 3-5 hair washes with the All Soft Heavy Cream , a particularly rich mask or the Redken All Soft Megamask , a combination of mask and extender with a high concentration of cationic care substances.

Redken All Soft Highlights

The product relaunch of the series not only modernized the design of Redken All Soft products, but also improved the recipe. The All Soft Shampoo and the All Soft Conditioner now feature the proprietary RCT-protein complex, which provides three different proteins. Shampoo and Conditioner no longer contain the IPN complex, but provide each hair section with the required protein, while the All Soft Heavy Cream continues to provide hair with the IPN complex by a modified protein (co-polymer).

Additional the Redken All Soft Series has another innovation: the newly added Redken All Soft Megamask , which also contains the RCT complex and makes hair care easier for those who have little time. If you do not like to use a conditioner after each hair wash, you can alternatively use the Megamask after using the Redken All Soft Shampoo - after that hair stays silky soft for three washes without conditioner.