Schwarzkopf Blondme

Schwarzkopf Blondme

Specialized care range for bleached hair that works with advanced bonding technologies and offers tailor-made solutions for repair, moisture and color protection to maintain the health and luminosity of blonde hair

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Schwarzkopf BlondMe: Where color meets care

Schwarzkopf BlondMe hair care is a specially developed range of care products to meet the unique needs of bleached and lightened hair. These products offer comprehensive solutions to maintain hair integrity, protect color and keep hair looking vibrant and healthy.

Here are some detailed features of the Schwarzkopf BlondMe hair care line:

  • Each product in the BlondMe hair care line is specially formulated to repair and strengthen the structure of blonde hair, which is often damaged by chemical treatments. The products contain nourishing ingredients that penetrate deep into the hair to repair and revitalize it from within.
  • A significant feature of BlondMe hair care products is the integrated bonding system. This advanced technology helps to protect and repair the sulphur bonds in the hair that can be damaged during the bleaching process. It helps to make the hair stronger and more resistant to future damage.
  • The BlondMe hair care range takes into account the different nuances and needs of blonde hair. It offers specific products for cool blonde tones to neutralize unwanted yellow or copper tones, as well as products for warm blonde tones to intensify the color and keep it vibrant.
  • Bleached hair tends to become dry and brittle. The BlondMe care products are rich in moisturizing active ingredients that deeply hydrate the hair, give it suppleness and ensure a healthy shine.
  • To preserve the color and protect the hair from environmental influences such as UV rays, some products in the BlondMe range contain UV filters and antioxidants. These ingredients help to preserve color vibrancy and protect the hair from premature fading and damage.
  • The BlondMe hair care line includes a range of products including nourishing shampoos, intensive conditioners, regenerating hair masks and leave-in sprays. These products can be used in combination to create a comprehensive care ritual tailored to the specific needs of blonde hair.

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