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Comprehensive range of hair colors, tints and bleaching products known for their quality, versatility and advanced technologies. These products are used worldwide to achieve creative, individual and long-lasting color results. From natural tones to bold color experiments, Schwarzkopf Professional's lines enable a wide range of styling and color options to meet the needs and desires of clients.

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54 items

54 items

From blonde to brown: master every shade with Schwarzkopf hair colors

Schwarzkopf Professional offers an extensive range of hair colors, tints and bleaching products that stand out for their quality, versatility and innovative technologies.

Here are detailed features about these product categories:

Hair Color

  • Igora Royal: Is a permanent hair color known for its intense color and coverage. It offers over 120 shades that deliver impressive color brilliance and long-lasting results. With High Definition Technology, Igora Royal ensures maximum color performance and care. The products contain special care substances that protect the hair during the coloring process.
  • Essensity: An ammonia-free tinting line known for its gentle effect on the hair. Essensity offers natural-looking color with up to 100% gray coverage, and is a great choice for clients looking for a gentler, healthier-looking color option.


  • Igora Vibrance: A demi-permanent hair color that offers flexibility and diversity, Igora Vibrance lasts up to 25 washes and is ideal for clients who want a less permanent change.It offers a great way to experience color without making a long-term commitment while being gentle on the hair.

Color refresher

  • Schwarzkopf Chroma ID is a semi-permanent, conditioning Mix & Tone color collection from Schwarzkopf Professional that makes it possible to create individual and unique shades. With a variety of intense and pastel shades that can be mixed and a bonding technology that protects the hair, Chroma ID is suitable for trendy color effects as well as for gentle color refreshes and offers a gentle alternative to permanent coloring.
  • Igora Expert Mousse is a semi-permanent color and care mousse from Schwarzkopf Professional that provides tonal coloring and refreshment, shine and care for the hair. It offers lightweight coloring without ammonia, lasts up to 8 washes and is ideal for quick color corrections and experimenting with new shades without making a long-term commitment.


  • Blondme is a premium blonding line designed specifically for the needs of blonde hair. It offers products for lightening, tinting and conditioning. The products contain bonding technology, which protects and strengthens the hair structure during the lightening process to minimize breakage.
  • Igora Vario Blond: Another high-quality bleaching product developed for powerful lightening. It can achieve up to 8 levels of lightening and is precise and reliable. Vario Blond is available in different strengths and formulations to suit different needs and techniques.

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