Schwarzkopf Professional - Professional Hair Spray

Schwarzkopf Professional - Professional Hair Spray

Schwarzkopf hairsprays are versatile styling products designed to set the hair, give it long-lasting hold while providing shine and protection, with a choice of variants for different hold levels and styling needs.

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Frequently asked questions about Schwarzkopf hairspray

Which variants of Schwarzkopf hairspray are available and which is the best for my hair type?

Schwarzkopf offers a wide range of hairspray variants with different levels of hold and specific properties. Common variants include hairsprays for strong hold, volume, shine, curls or special occasions. To find the best hairspray for your hair type, you should consider your styling needs as well as the texture, length and condition of your hair.

What is the most effective way to use Schwarzkopf Hairspray to achieve the desired style?

The application of Schwarzkopf Hairspray is relatively simple. Hold the spray bottle about 20-30 cm away from the hair and spray the hairspray evenly over the styled hair. For more volume, you can also apply the hairspray directly to the roots. To set curls, spray the hairspray onto the curlers or onto the hair before styling it with a curling iron. Experiment with the amount and application to achieve the desired hairstyle.

Do Schwarzkopf hairsprays contain harmful ingredients and are they suitable for daily use?

Most Schwarzkopf hairsprays contain alcohol as a solvent, which helps to dry the hair quickly and ensure a strong hold. However, parabens are often avoided as they are considered potentially harmful to health. Schwarzkopf also offers a range of hairsprays that are free from harmful ingredients and are suitable for everyday use.

Schwarzkopf hair sprays: Perfect hold and shine for your dream hairstyle

Schwarzkopf hair sprays are part of the Schwarzkopf styling product range and are used to fix hairstyles and give them a long-lasting hold. These hairsprays are available in a wide range of variants that offer different levels of hold, from light to strong fixation, to suit individual needs and preferences.

The formulas of Schwarzkopf hairsprays often contain special ingredients designed to protect the hair from humidity and give it a shiny finish. These ingredients can also help to protect the hair from external influences such as UV radiation or humidity to maintain styling.

Another advantage of Schwarzkopf hairsprays is their ease of application and their ability to set the hair flexibly without sticking or weighing it down. They are easy to brush out and leave no visible residue in the hair, which means that they do not leave the hair looking dull or sticky.

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